26-year-old son of Nicolas cage is a disgrace to his father: the guy arrested

26-летний сын Николаса Кейджа позорит отца: парень арестован

Children of star parents often feel a lack of control, permissiveness and impunity. This life followed the son of actor Nicolas cage and now he has to answer for the fact that he broke the law.

26-year-old Weston cage was arrested for drunk driving. It turned out that the son of a Hollywood star was responsible for the accident and instead of being properly responsible for his actions, the guy just fled the scene of the accident. Unfortunately for Weston, the police quickly managed to establish who was involved in the incident and find the guilty. By the way, the detention cage-Junior – a topic worthy of separate discussion: hiding from law enforcement officers, he rammed several mailboxes and flew into a tree.

Note that Weston apparently, since childhood has not been vaccinated, the concept of what is good and what is bad. The guy is not the first time falls under the attention of law enforcement and a disgrace to father.

A few years ago, he was accused of domestic violence against his first wife, Nikki Williams, and was arrested for a serious fight with a fitness trainer, after which he was put in a psychiatric hospital.

Note that Nicolas cage does not comment on the actions of his son. What is the punishment for the accident and try to escape the scene of the accident faces Weston is not yet known.