250 000 viewers of “Eurovision 2016” demand to revise the results of the jury vote

250 000 зрителей «Евровидения 2016» требуют пересмотреть результаты голосования жюри
The content of the song contest said that they are ready to consider a petition signed by 53 countries.

Photo: @euroinvisionru(Instagram)

The petition to revise the results
“Eurovision 2016”, published on the website Change.org two days signed
more than 250 thousand people worldwide. On may 14 it has published in the Network
Internet user from Armenia Arthur Oganesyan (Hovhannisyan Arthur), dissatisfied
the results of the famous song contest, which ended in the night from Saturday to
Sunday in Stockholm.

We will remind, the winner of “Eurovision”, held
in Stockholm, became Ukrainian singer Jamala with the song
“1944”. Second place went to the contestant from Australia Demi Them, and the third
— Russian singer Sergey Lazarev. At the same time Sergey Lazarev became the winner in
voting viewers.

— We understand that the voting process for the jury
and the audience is difficult and emotional, but the number of people
it is a signatory, shows how many people believe that
the “winner” was not the one who should actually win
this competition”, — said in the petition.

— This request shall be sent to the European
broadcasting Union from all fans who do not agree with the results
“Eurovision 2016”, also reported in it.

In the text of the appeal is not a word about
Sergey Lazarev, the representative of Russia, which by the end of the contest took third place.
But the need for the revision of the results was supported in 53 countries around the
world. And almost everyone in its comments stated that the real victory
was won by the Russian.

These are the countries whose representatives
signed the petition: Croatia, Thailand, Greece, UK, Romania, Estonia, Spain, Malta, Italy, Denmark, even Australia and Ukraine (both Eastern and Western, and Central), Sweden, Mexico, Serbia, USA, France, Canada, Finland, Belarus, Latvia, Belgium, Cyprus, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Poland, Seychelles, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Ireland, Moldova, Albania, Czech Republic, Morocco, Switzerland, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Israel, Georgia, Lithuania, Jordan,Uzbekistan, Norway, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maldives, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan.

Sergey Lazarev watching the scandal that unfolded around the results
voting on “Eurovision 2016” side. He has not commented on the sensational
petition, but only expresses words of gratitude to his fans. “One of the most vivid impressions in my
life! he says. — Thanks to “Eurovision 2016”, thank you Sweden, thank you my
a wonderful “Dream Team”! And the biggest thanks is the best
audiences across Europe for the support and multi-million voice!”

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