24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

If you want to lose weight, be prepared for major changes in life. Nutritionists say that in order to bring the figure in order, you need to consume daily to 500 calories less, and it does not require much effort. After a week you will leave with 500 grams of extra weight. We collected 24 beauty hack that will help you lose five pounds in five weeks.

Do not eat in front of the TV (or viewing the tape in social networks)

If you combine the viewing of a new reality show or the show with dinner, then most likely, you will eat 288 more calories. American scientists from the University of Illinois claim that such a habit leads first to overeating and then obesity. The hours spent in front of the TV, it is better to replace the walk in the fresh air so you will spend about 527 calories.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Replace the sandwich with a salad

Two large slices of bread with mayonnaise is about 550 calories. Better put all the contents of the sandwich on the plate and stir, you get the same salad, only without the bread.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Drink black coffee without milk

In a large latte no sugar added 220 calories, and a Cup of black coffee — 2 calories (feel the difference). If you on average drink two cups of coffee with sugar, consume at least 500 calories, but it’s worth it?

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Chew slower

Chew each piece of food two times slower than you usually do, so you can feel the saturation time and stop when your body gets the necessary amount of food (after all, the brain knows what you just ate 20 minutes after the beginning of the meal).

In a recent Japanese research has found compelling evidence that there is a direct relationship between the speed of eating and body mass index and obesity. It turns out that people who eat slowly, eat on average 88 calories less.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Drink not sweet drinks, and water with lemon to quench your thirst

On a hot summer day and reaching for a cold soda? Before you reach for a sugary drink, think about what’s replacing it with water with lemon (which, by the way, even better thirst quencher) you’ll save nearly 200 calories.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Cook dinners at home

Recent studies have shown that people who prepare their own meals on their own, and don’t buy ready meals or go on business Lunches, on average, consume 140 fewer calories (and that’s just for one meal). Take care of Breakfast, lunch and dinner in advance, and this figure will reach 500 calories a day.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Don’t sit in public transport

American doctors from the Mayo Clinic believe that to lose weight you can, making only minor adjustments to an already established lifestyle. So, in their opinion, instead of having to sit all the time at work (or in public transport) would be better permanently or occasionally to stand. If you do not sit from 10:00 to 19:00 in the office, and sometimes to get up and go outside, so you can get rid of 350 calories. Take a walk at lunchtime to the nearest store and still burn an extra 150 calories.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Ask the waiter before serving the dish, divide it into two parts (one from the packaging with you)

Experts have proven that typical dishes in American, Italian or Chinese restaurants contain an average of about 1,500 calories (this is much more than we need to eat less per meal). Ask the waiter to pack takeaway half your food before he serves it on the table.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Replace the t-bone steak fillet

This will allow you to opt out of 700 calories. Served in the restaurant t-bone steak, weighing one pound contains approximately 1 400 calories. A sirloin steak is only 700 calories. Another more calories you can give up choosing the filet Mignon, usually weighing 250 g and having only 450 calories.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Delay the fork while chewing

According to the results of a study published in the journal of the American Dietetic Association, slowing the speed of food intake allows you to eat 300 calories less. During the day, the savings will easily exceed 500 calories.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Sleep seven or eight hours a day

Vysypany, you can get rid of 300 calories. The fact that lack of sleep not only slows metabolism, but also increases sugar cravings. One study published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that people sleeping a night is only four hours, can consume 300 calories more than those who have normal sleep duration. Well-rested people are more likely to physical exercise, even a short workout can burn 200 calories.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Train before Breakfast and do not eat after 19:00

This combination will save you from 520 calories per day. Recently, a Japanese study showed that physical activity before Breakfast allows during the day to burn approximately 280 calories a lot more than performing the same exercises in the evening.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

And published in the British Journal of Nutrition study shows that the rejection of an evening snack allows for 240 calories to reduce their daily consumption.

Do not dip bread in olive oil

Even a few slices of bread, quickly adds more than 500 calories, but the hunger it will satisfy not. Yes, olive oil is good for health, but as a condiment, it mainly adds calories. It is better to give up bread.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Eat in front of the mirror

Famous advice Faina Ranevskaya works! A study published in the journal of the Association for Consumer Research confirmed that when people see themselves in the mirror while eating, they are choosing more healthy decisions, and on average consume 400 calories less. A publication in the journal Appetite suggests that female out to dinner with a man, as a rule, eat less, reducing consumption of 113 calories — what is not a reason to go on a date?

Alternate walking and running

Published in Biology Letters, the study found that the periodic transition from a step to a short rapid acceleration allows you to burn additional 90-120 calories. Walking on the cold air also burn more calories, because the body increases sensitivity to the hormone leptin, linked with feelings of satiety. The participants of the study who conducted for three hours a day on the cold air burned an additional 250 calories.

Discard chips and dip salsa

There are few who can stand against the temptation to empty a whole bag of chips. Meanwhile, a package with a quarter kilogram of potato chips contains 260 calories 1, not including the sauce, which, as you know, Oh what calories. Take a small package at 140 calories (so you will reduce 1 120 calories) or buy vegetable chips.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Eat mushrooms instead of meat

According to a study conducted by the Institute for Johns Hopkins people eating mushrooms instead of red meat, reduce the amount of calories 144, without losing the pleasure of food, and feeling the same saturation. Lacks only one thing — calories.

Chew gum and drink more water

When study participants University of Rhode island every morning was chewing gum without sugar, they are at lunch consumed 67 fewer calories. Do the same in the morning and for dinner you will not double the number of calories consumed. In addition, people who drink one to three cups of water per day, consume with a meal on 205 fewer calories, according to the publication in the journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Not just because the model is literally in every interview telling us about the fact that the secret of their beauty in the use of large amounts of pure water throughout the day.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Take your own snacks to the cinema (slices of apples, for example)

Buying popcorn at the cinema, keep in mind that it may contain up to thousands of calories. If you want to eat popcorn, it’s better to prepare it yourself, saving 700 calories, and even better at home to cut apples or carrots or buy slices in the cafe at the cinema.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Eat from smaller plates

Replace plates with a diameter of 30 centimeters by 25 centimeters. Thus, you will eat 20-25% less, so you’ll save 500 calories.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Instead milkshake it is better to eat ice cream cones

Unbearable, you want sweet? Instead of having to order a chocolate milk shake (720 calories), it is better to give preference to a small chocolate ice cream in a cone (240 calories). So you will save about 480 calories. And if not yet from the waffle cone, will cut 20 more calories.

24 способа сократить 500 калорий в день

Eat fruits before the main meal, not after

It is better to eat fruits before the main meal (preferably 20 minutes), and not after, as you probably do. Dietary fibers give the feeling of satiety, keeps the appetite under control, allow you to maintain an active metabolism and suppress the desire to eat something more nutritious and less useful. This will help you later to eat 200 calories less. Do this three times a day, and you’ll save 600 calories. But in the evening (after 19:00) do not get carried away in the second half of the day, the level of physical activity decreases, and fructose, which was not consumed, tends to accumulate as fat.

Also, nutritionists warn that not all fruits are equally useful. For example, grapes, banana and cherry — happy owners of sugars which are immediately absorbed. Those who are on a diet or suffering from diabetes, they need in the diet to replace.