24-hour escape Amal and George Clooney

24-часовой побег Амаль и Джорджа Клуни

Last weekend, Amal Clooney celebrated their 40th anniversary, in whose honor the spouse of the lawyer George Clooney has prepared for his beloved surprise.

24-часовой побег Амаль и Джорджа Клуни

Saturday, February 3, George and Amal flew on a private plane from Los Angeles to big sur area of the California Central coast. The picturesque landscapes of the area attract tourists from all over the world. Away from prying eyes, the pair found a secluded place and spent a romantic date.

“They went there together, without the kids, and the next day returned. It was a 24-hour escape of a couple,” said a source close to the married couple.

Recall that now famous actor enjoying the freedom from the performance of roles in films. 56-year-old actor George Clooney is clearly happy in his family life as a loving father and a wonderful husband to his wife Amal. He recently had twins. Happy family man can not restrain the joy and don’t skimp on trips to the best restaurants with his wife. The actor appeared on the screens in 2016. The last film in which he starred, was a “Financial monster”. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Clooney explained why refused of his career.

“Look, I starred in films for a long time, and you know, I’m 56. I’m not the young kid, followed by girls,” says Clooney in an interview for foreign publication, before adding “and wasn’t supposed to be.»

The actor said that it’s definitely not the end of his career. He even joked that if someone undertook to make a film with Paul Newman from the movie “the Verdict” that he would have passed the audition. The joke is that the actor died 26 September 2008. Now Clooney does not need the money, because according to him, he sold the company for the production of tequila and received a huge amount. Now he doesn’t need the money and can live a full leg. Acting in movies, according to the actor, it was a way of paying rent.

In June, George Clooney and his two business partners Randy Garber and Mike Meldman sold my company for the production of tequila, Calamigos, which received $ 1 billion.

Clooney sees himself more in the role of Director. “I have money,” continued the actor. “Now I can do movies as you want. If you pay attention to where I was in the last 15 years, all these films would not have been shot if I hadn’t made them. No one would have made the film “Good night and good luck”, or “up in the sky.” I fought for the fact that they were filmed”. Indeed, the directing head were pulled into itself Clooney.