22-year-old waitress made a Frank admission after a night with Orlando bloom

22-летняя официантка сделала откровенное признание после ночи с Орландо Блумом
The girl claims that Hollywood actor ruined her life.

22-летняя официантка сделала откровенное признание после ночи с Орландо Блумом

Vivian Ross

The name of the 41-year-old Orlando bloom again appears in
the most scandalous headlines of the foreign tabloids. In conversation with the edition of The Sun 22-year-old
the waitress Vivian Ross said that her life is broken after the famous
the actor spent the night with her. “I lost a lot, and he is nothing,” says the girl.

She worked in a fancy restaurant Chiltern
Firehouse — according to her, temporarily. Ross planned to make good money and
start auditioning for movie roles or be a model. It is in this place
she met bloom. The passion between them flared so fast and so bright,
they once spent the night together, but in the morning Vivian caught in bed
with a star Manager is Orlando bloom.

According to the girl, which
was the passing fancy of the actor, this night
took her to the most devastating consequences. That she was fired from the hotel
where the restaurant was, she reacted calmly. “Sex
with a hot lover is worth it”, she said. Later, however,
it turned out that
the Manager of Orlando bloom not lazy and wants to make her name in the black lists —
now it does not even take the listening, and the path to the actress closed. Vivian also tried to get
to work in a modeling Agency, but personnel officers googled her name, found out the history
and refused to work.

Beautiful girl was only of interest to editors
the talk show, which offered her a fabulous sum for a story about the night in Orlando
Bloom. Each of them, she refused, and only now broke the silence. Viviana
says she does not understand why even in the modern world one night,
so to change the lives of women and not to touch men? It
speaks three languages, she
rich life experience, but this
story put on her face the mark of the outcast. “Two free
man did what
both wanted to do. But it only affected me,” she said.

Orlando Bloom