22-year-old mistress is ready to give birth to Dmitry Tarasov of the child

22-летняя любовница готова родить Дмитрию Тарасову ребенка
Anastasia Kostenko spoke frankly about his personal life.

22-летняя любовница готова родить Дмитрию Тарасову ребенка

Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: @tarasov23 (Instagram Dmitry Tarasov)

Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instagram Anastasia Kostenko

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko recently stopped hiding their relationship. The lovers have no hesitation to communicate in social networks, where online broadcasts appoint each other goodbye. Their relationships are more than rapidly. Footballer and model has long been living together in the apartment Tarasova and finish the repairs to his country house. Dmitry is generous with his gifts and bestows his beloved expensive presents. So, on March 8, Kostenko received a gift bag of Chanel.

And Anastasia admitted in an interview that they are ready for childbirth. “The man himself feels when it’s time to start a family, have a baby. I can say that I’m ready!” — openly stated model. In addition, Kostenko said, than it was able to conquer Russia. In males, according to Anastasia, she appreciates more the strength, intelligence, strong character and kindness. Model sure: these are the qualities real men only.

Despite the fact that many believe Kostenko blamed for the divorce Tarasov Olga Buzova, she refers to the institution of the family very seriously. “For me, the main was and is family.The basis of life is love, but it can easily lose in the pursuit of a career. People constantly shoot up, then fall down, and more importantly, next to it was a reliable and a loving shoulder,” — said Kostenko Woman.ru.

By the way, while Tarasov with the new darling enjoys the idyllic, his ex-wife extremely hard going through a divorce.