22-летний блогер Никита Шалагинов умер от рака Blogger Nikita Shalaginov, for several years struggling with cancer, died. This was reported by his girlfriend Anastasia Variety. The news came as an absolute surprise to the friends of the young man.
22-летний блогер Никита Шалагинов умер от рака

The last three years of his life Nikita Shalaginova has been a continuous struggle for life. Upon learning that he has soft tissue sarcoma, blogger decided not to give up and get treatment, whatever it takes. Friends organized a fundraiser, and as a result Nikita went to South Korea, where he promised to help the best doctors.

A cancer patient Nikita Shalaginov helps people

But, despite the efforts of Nikita and his family, the disease has receded. July 25, his girlfriend Anastasia, Variety reported that the beloved is no more.

“Today, Nikita is gone. He went in his sleep. He was not hurt. Yesterday we were with him in the date of 11 months of all-consuming love. Actually, of course, more: it’s just the “official” date. I held his hand and read aloud, “Faust,” — said Anastasia.
22-летний блогер Никита Шалагинов умер от рака

The news shocked many friends Nikita and all those who followed his long struggle with the disease. Familiar bloggers immediately began to share memories about the last days of his life. So, a friend of Natalya Shalaginova wrote that the chance to rescue the young man was, but he managed to gather an impressive amount required for the treatment.

“He didn’t collect millions in treatment in the United States. I will not write about politics but in our country no one will help you when you have cancer and need millions rubles, if you are a little child. Be surveyed regularly, arrange the insurance of cancer, do not hammer on itself,” said Natalia.

Nikita himself in recent months rarely appeared in social networks. On how he feels reported mostly friends of the blogger and his girlfriend.

Earlier Shalaginov told “StarHit” that the disease developed gradually, and the first time he had no idea how serious his health problems. For several years he was troubled by the finger of the right hand, which the guy again and again was on the operating table.

“I did not get out from the hospital, I had surgery after surgery, the doctors insisted, saying that it’s osteomyelitis – inflammation of bone, and removed the dead portions of tissue. Removed one knuckle, then the second, leaving only the metacarpal bone, to the last hoped that will be, when it is healed, wear a prosthesis. According to the rules of the doctors had not time to do me a histological analysis. I felt very uncomfortable. Had to answer the questions: “What’s with the finger?” or “Oh, you’re still in bandages?” Me from the word “finger” was already sick. I was fixated on this,” said Nikita in November 2017.

A month later, after another operation Nikita announced a disappointing diagnosis: soft tissue sarcoma. Together with his father blogger went to South Korea — to pay for endless bills, the family took out loans and asked for the help of caring people.

However, even after chemotherapy sarcoma is back. Despite the fact that his health was rapidly deteriorating, Nikita found the strength to help others. So, he created a Single cancer portal Russia, where you can find information about all the varieties of disease and treatment.

Until recent days, the blogger believed that I would be able to overcome the disease, but it ultimately proved to be stronger. While the relatives are not informed when will be held the funeral of 22-year-old Shalaginova.