21-летнего сына  Памелы Андерсон обвинили в нападении на отца
The police dealt with the incident.

21-летнего сына  Памелы Андерсон обвинили в нападении на отца

the family of 50-year-old Pamela Anderson has inflamed grave scandal. The ex-spouse
actress (the first of her three ex-husbands) — Tommy Lee said that he was attacked by his own son from
Anderson — 21-year-old Brandon. And showed a photo, which you can see that Tommy
split lip.

and my friend was at home, in the bedroom. Brandon broke without
invitation, and I demanded that he moved on. Then he kicked me really hard
in the face, and then ran from the police. It’s true!” — said the old rocker. He later wrote on
his page in the social network: “My heart is broken. Give children all
they could dream of, and they and the answer is attacking you. “Good,” Brandon!
“Great,” the boy…”

Tommy was not limited to verbal complaints: he called the police and formally accused son in the attack. However
law enforcement officers are not arrested the son of Anderson.

Curiously, Sam Brandon
presented a very different version of this story. He said that the father was drunk and attacked
him first, and he was only defending himself. Given the past “achievements” Tommy Lee —
known as a brawler, not once raising a hand to Pamela at the time when those
he was married, the more trust still cause the words of Brandon, not Tommy. Because he, unlike
from his father, so far nothing has stained their reputation.