2079 свадебных платьев в новом салоне «Мэри Трюфель»

In 2013, when it opened its first salon “Mary Truffle”, Moscow has already worked several hundred stores of wedding dresses. But in one go it was scary: gilt columns, marble, paid fitting and biting rates. In others, faceless, with shovels smell and the service, even look did not want. Natalia Platonova and Alexander Meteleva, a founder of “Mary Truffle” — opened her salon as a place where any bride without superfluous pomposity and pathos, with ease could pick up a beautiful wedding dress.

2079 свадебных платьев в новом салоне «Мэри Трюфель»

In 2014, the first salon was followed by the second at the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”. But when the record to a fitting in both of the store stretched for several weeks, I had to think about expanding. So the idea to open a truly spacious wedding salon, which will be enough room for all brides!

In the new, the largest in Moscow wedding salon “Mary Truffle”, exhibited 2 079 wedding dresses of all styles and silhouettes: Princess, Empire, mermaid, ball gown, straight and short. Updated collection of 2016, there are models of the Russian designers Natalia Bavykina, Oksana Flies, Natalia Romanova, Daria Karlosi and Tatiana Kaplun, and well-known European fashion houses Lanesta, Belfaso , Naviblue Bridal, Nora Naviano, Areamo Bridal. As practice shows, 2 000 models enough to have plenty to choose from, and to understand the styles and silhouettes of the brides help consultants.

2079 свадебных платьев в новом салоне «Мэри Трюфель»

The room under the salon was looking for, based on two factors:

  • accessibility for motorists, and for those who commute on public transport,
  • the area from 500 square meters to accommodate all the dresses and leave enough space for fitting.

It was important to place all the dresses in an open format, keeping cozy, even somewhat intimate atmosphere fitting. To the bride no one bothered.

2079 свадебных платьев в новом салоне «Мэри Трюфель»

Theatres podiums

For the dressing areas have chosen a proven solution to the podium with a curtain. Just like in the theater while family or friends are waiting on a cozy couch, the consultant helps the bride to wear the outfit. He then opens the catwalk, and the girl goes on stage. On the dark background of the runway are clearly visible features of the dress: color, fit, silhouette. Once seen as sat down with the outfit, whether the bride this color and style.

2079 свадебных платьев в новом салоне «Мэри Трюфель»

The dress can immediately pick up and accessories from wedding veils and belts to earrings and tiaras. Shoes also don’t have to go to another store — there are high and medium heels, exclusive and classic. Measure all at once with the dress!

Cozy atmosphere

Cozy atmosphere in the salon emphasizes attention to detail the interior:

  • the old Grand piano of the nineteenth century,
  • salon dining 2 table,
  • photography brides of tape Instagram in our wedding dresses.

The photos, by the way, many will know her friends. It’s great relieves tension before fitting! Helps to relax and a Cup of hot cocoa in the café. By the way, cocoa, tea, coffee and fresh homemade cakes in the cabin absolutely free. After trying them on, enjoying great views of the waterfront and sipping a fragrant drink in a secluded table, you can safely and effortlessly to discuss models and accessories, to resolve budget issues — any issues that is not always convenient to discuss with the consultants.

We did all that in a new salon dress and groom found each other. Make an appointment for a fitting and come. You will compete all you’d like to see on his wedding day, and be sure to find him — the one and only!

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