20-year-old wife of Alexander Gordon gave birth to her second child

20-летняя жена Александра Гордона родила второго ребенка Noza Abdulvasieva gave his wife another baby. Alexander Gordon overjoyed due to the completion of the family. Now a young mother prepares to be discharged from the hospital and receives many congratulations from fans.

      20-летняя жена Александра Гордона родила второго ребенка

      Known TV presenter Alexander Gordon once again became a father. His young wife Noza Abdulvasieva gave him a second child. The mother and the newborn feel fine. The child was born in one of elite clinics of Moscow in the night from Thursday to Friday. Pair now accepts numerous congratulations from fans and friends.

      “An amazing couple. He is a young, sensitive, worrying, timid, sitting silently in queues, always “no complaints”, it happens on all of our ultrasound and receptions over the last three years, not asking any questions, saying, “But you will, darling,” and “I know, it’s okay, I’m going to smoke, girl.” And she is a young, Mature, smart, wise woman, 20 years old, the mother already (since last night!) two small children, with a surprisingly strong position: “I’m happy, just happy.” Happy birthday to our little Gordon! (the second, and hopefully not the last!) Hurrah!” – written by an obstetrician, published a photo in which she is depicted with Alexander, Nesoi and a newborn baby.

      Subscribers in the social network shared the joy of a young mother and TV presenter. They addressed a pleasant word new parents and wished them health child. “That is super! Have done! Very happy! Health mom and baby! And dad’s patience, as usual,” “How do I love Gordon! I’m happy for them. Health mom and baby!”, “Great! Well done!” – wrote followers.

      The upcoming replenishment in the family of Gordon and Abdullayeva first the public learned at the premiere of the film “Icebreaker”. Despite the fact that Noze was wearing loose coat, she was not able to hide rounded tummy. Apparently, a pregnant 20-year-old wife took place without complications and she was able to attend social events.

      The couple grows older son Alexander. Gordon admitted that the birth of a child became for him a real happiness. Especially because he’s a lot like his famous father – the same silent.