20-летняя девушка Венсана Касселя сблизилась с ним на отдыхе Say that model Tina Kuniaki even hand the affair with a famous actor who is much older than her. The model recently broke the silence and told reporters about his first meeting with future lover and respect to his glory.

50-year-old Vincent Cassel Dating 20-year-old Italian model Tina Kunaki. Lovers do not mind the age difference – they often share common photos to social networks and attend social events together. A long time beauty, prefer to refrain from comments about his Hobbies. Recently, however, Tina broke the silence and gave a candid interview to journalists in which he told about the beginning of a relationship with Vincent.

Kunaki says their first meeting was held in a romantic setting. Details of the model chose not to share, only hinted at the fact that they were drawn together by a common passion. Probably Tina and Vincent met when we were on vacation and plied the ocean waves on boards.

“It was a magical moment – we were in the same place at the same time. I can’t reveal all the details of our acquaintance, but I will say that we both adored surfing” – shared model.

Apparently, a holiday romance quickly escalated into a serious relationship. Now Cassel is increasingly appearing in public in the company of charming lady, which tipped a serious career in the fashion business. According to Tina, she didn’t even know who this Vincent. Fans suspect that the model is disingenuous, because the name of Kassel is known worldwide.

“I grew up in a rural area, – has told Kunaki. – We had no TV and we didn’t go to the movies. As a child, my interests were limited to school and football. Before we met I didn’t hear anything about Vincent Kassel and didn’t know who he was until we got surrounded by paparazzi”.

In another interview, Tina talked about her childhood. The girl appeared in the family of an Italian and a native of West Africa. “My father Robin was born in Morocco, but originally from Togo. He grew up in France. My mother Nadia from Sicily. They met in Toulouse and immediately fell in love with each other”, – said the model.

From Kunaki has a brother and sister who are trying to support it. According to the models, her family had excellent relationships. “I think they’re all proud of me” – shared the girl.

Meanwhile, the former wife of Vincent Cassel Monica Bellucci too, it seems, met a new love. Despite the fact that divorce was given to the actress is extremely difficult, she found the strength to overcome this difficult period. Now the star has another man, but she is in no hurry to talk about it to the public. Monica Bellucci said about the new novel