20-year-old student stabbed a girl on a date

20-летний студент пырнул ножом девушку на свидании According to some, the darling boyfriend is in intensive care with sharps injuries. Ivan Efimenko attacked her during Dating, however, is not immediately admitted his guilt to law enforcement officers.
20-летний студент пырнул ножом девушку на свидании

Student MSTU named N. E. Bauman Ivan Efimenko stabbed his darling, Anastasia Lisitsyn. According to some reports, the pair spent time at the stadium “metallurg”, drinking alcoholic beverages. This day was the anniversary of their relationship. Some time later, Anastasia found a bleeding. At the moment the girl is in intensive care.

As reported, Ivan himself called the ambulance. During interviews with law enforcement officials the guy first said that he had found her already wounded. However, later the student came to the police and gave them the knife that stabbed her. According to some, the blow fell in the stomach. Staff suggest that the cause of the conflict was jealousy. According to preliminary information, the young person can receive up to 10 years in prison.

“The suspect in the crime arrested by the police. A criminal case under article 111 part 2 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation”, – reported in a press-service GU of the Ministry of interior.
20-летний студент пырнул ножом девушку на свидании

Efimenko was born in Volgodonsk, a few years ago, I came to enroll in one of the best technical universities in Russia. This summer, students of his course went to practice in Kurgan, where they were taught to weld parts for military equipment: the BMP and BMD. The young man is a fan of German band Rammstein, and in 2016 he even managed to get the autograph of the leader of the team till Lindemann. Anastasia shared his interests: on the page of the girl in social network, you can find a lot of posts with audio recordings of foreign rock bands.

So far no details about the incident are not reported, and the parents of young people not to get in touch.

20-летний студент пырнул ножом девушку на свидании

Earlier, Ivan had not violated the law of Russia. On the contrary, the young man was a member of the movement “Volunteers of victory”, the guys who help the elderly and veterans of the great Patriotic war. A few years ago Efimenko received diplomas for participation in Olympiads and other contests, where you had to demonstrate the skills of an engineer.