20-year-old basketball player was removed from the flight because of the high growth

20-летнего баскетболиста сняли с рейса из-за высокого роста In the situation with the participation of Alexander Komarova have interfered with law enforcement. Team player “Torch” had to communicate with the police, which caused a flight attendant working for one of the domestic flights. The girl was named athlete of the rowdy and insisted that he left the Board. The video scandal has excited users of the Network.

      Player of volleyball club “the Torch” Alexander the Chimer became a party to the conflict that occurred on Board the aircraft, which flew from Samara to Moscow. 20-year-old player could not get in the passenger seat because of the too long legs. The growth of an athlete is about 215 inches. The young man was asked to transplant it to another place, but the hostess refused him.

      As reported by witnesses, the flight attendant accused Alexander that he is violating the order and then called the police. Chimer told reporters, as the next events unfolded.

      “Two policemen came that said I was rowdy and asked to leave the plane. I explained the situation, and the other passengers that were with me in the cabin, also confirmed that all this time, I in no way violated public order. It would seem that law enforcement is convinced, and they left. But then returned, and the four of us. And reported that a flight attendant wrote me a statement. Realizing the absurdity of the situation, but being a law-abiding citizen, I complied together with police officers left the cabin,” admitted the young man.

      Fortunately, Kemerovo managed to go to Moscow on the next flight. However, video of the incident hit the Internet and caused indignation of many users who often fly to Russia.

      “Let places make such that any passenger was able to climb. Flight attendants must assist passengers, and not to call the police”, “the Shame of our bodies and the staff side”, “On the face of the lack of professionalism, rudeness of the employee providing the company,” wrote commentators.

      Radio host Alisa Selezneva also scolded the airline staff who behaved dishonestly in this situation. “It is always possible to meet, to show the human attitude, and not to repeat like a robot “not allowed”. There are also exceptional situation like this,” said a young woman on the social network page.

      Nikolai Kapranov, head of the club “Fakel”, said that he was outraged by the behavior of the flight attendants. The Director noted that athletes often fly routes, which are considered as low-cost airlines, but flight attendants are always respectful of him.

      Chimer is trying not to Express negativity about what happened on Board. “I did not foresee the purchase of a ticket for a seat by an emergency exit where passengers so overall, definitely more comfortable. So I turned to the flight attendant asking to get me there,” – said Alexander with the publication of “Soviet sport”.

      Volleyball player asked the company to apologize to him. However, the situation turned against him. The airline officials said that the Chimer broke the rules of flights. Besides, according to the spokesperson, they plan to go to court because of the conduct of the athlete occurred a half-hour flight delay and substantial costs for the airline.