19-летняя жена топ-менеджера «Лукойла» госпитализирована в Москве Media reported about the emergency hospitalization Liza Adamenko. According to preliminary data, the ambulance crew diagnosed the girl rocks, for this reason she was taken to the hospital.
19-летняя жена топ-менеджера «Лукойла» госпитализирована в Москве

The name of the model Liza Adamenko thundered all over the country two years ago. The girl was married to a top Manager Valentina Ivanova when she was only 18 years old, and the groom – 55. Later in the press time and again there were rumours that relations between the spouses soured, and even information about the battery, which had to endure a young girl.

After a series of scandals the couple got back together and seemed to be in their family peace. However, today it became known that Lisa urgently hospitalized in one of capital clinics. Lisa complained of severe pains in the stomach, after which the ambulance staff diagnosed that the patient has the inflammation and stones in the internal organs.

In difficult situations, Lisa is not the first time. In the spring the girl has addressed in police with the statement that she was robbed in the stairwell. According to the memoirs of the model, after the wild fun she and friends returned home to the apartment on Rochdelskaya street. However, she did not have keys to the house. Tired she fell asleep right on the stairs, and when he woke up, found the purse, valued at eight thousand dollars and a purse with ten thousand rubles. But the largest loss – ring diamond in six carats, bought for 47 million.

Network users often reproached lease of commercialism, many believed that she was married to a top Manager of “LUKOIL” not for love, but for money, but the girl herself denied the speculation.

“We’re family! How can you say anything against the husband and wife. I’m married. I love, love me! I’m not 14, but my husband is not 55. How can you judge and write nasty dirt about us, raving and wild lies. Many models – the mistress, the kept woman, escortsite. So you write about them, about how they split the family, sleep with men for something, and they model, and they are many, and they all say that they are cool and do everything themselves. Write about these people, about lovers and mistresses, although people are unlikely to be called, not happy and nothing made couples in marriage,” wrote Adamenko in social networks.