18-year-old wife of an oligarch accused him of beating

18-летняя супруга олигарха обвинила его в побоях A few months ago, the public was excited by the news of the marriage of a young model Liza Adamenko with a top Manager of LUKOIL, Valentin Ivanov. And the young fiancee of a businessman wrote a statement to the police indicating that he had raised her hand.

      18-летняя супруга олигарха обвинила его в побоях

      Businessman Valentin Ivanov and his fiancee Liza Adamenko formalized the relationship in the summer of 2016. The public could not understand what binds the 18-year-old model and the top Manager of “LUKOIL”. In turn, the couple claimed to love each other. Recently, however, the relationship between husband and wife became strained. In the media appeared information about the fact that Ivanov beat beloved. The businessman denied these data, accusing the newspaper of lying.

      However, recently Adamenko filed a statement to the police. In the document the girl claims that Valentine caused her injuries, and threatened. According to the model, she and her husband flew to new York for the video shoot Rita Dakota. One night they went to party at a local club. As reported by Lisa, in the midst of a party Valentine attacked her and injured. According to information provided by law enforcement, she spent the night in the hospital.

      “I hurt both legs, a sprain, I barely reached the police. The day I had to spend in the hospital. I don’t want to see your husband and afraid of him, so I wrote a statement to the police. Now I am asking the investigator to do so, so he was forbidden to approach me closer than several hundred meters. I don’t know what to do”, – admitted to journalists Adamenko.

      Surprisingly, around the same time, the network appeared the pictures of the model in company with a young guy. They kiss, hug and are behaving quite frivolously. Friends Ivanova noted that between Lisa and Valentin a long time there were conflicts, which sometimes spilled over into a fight. Also online published the letter which was allegedly written spouse model. In the text he asks her to see reason and to abide by the agreement between them. “The whole world now relishes that you can easily cheat on her husband and sleep with others,” the statement says.

      Lisa herself explained that have not lived with Valentine, and the contract for the shooting in the clip Dakota was signed before they broke up. The girl tries to justify their behavior. “I didn’t cheat on her husband. At that moment, we parted and I had a relationship with one American. We are not living together since November. The video with him was in my “iPad” but it got hacked too, and this video is my mail sent to my ex-husband. Later, my email was also hacked, and all my social networks. God forgive my husband, and I will forgive, but I won didn’t do anything wrong, and I don’t know why you had to betray me like this,” admitted Adamenko life.ru.