18-летняя Лиза Пескова стала звездой турецких газет

Pictures daughter press Secretary of President of Russia published on the front pages.

A few days ago Lisa Peskov with his mother, grandmother, grandfather and her boyfriend Yuri arrived in Turkey on vacation. Girl worth to write in his Instagram that this country re-opened to the Russians and we love there for the enterprising Newspapers printed her photograph on the front page!

Posting on their pages pictures of Lisa in swimsuit, Turkish media apparently decided to prove that the friendship between our countries is stronger than ever. See for yourself, we have a daughter press Secretary of the Russian President rest! What kind of danger or hostility can be discussed?

About the adventures of a family Sand newspaper did a report. And posted footage from the recent press Lisa’s mom Catherine.

“Family adventures of our fun in Antalya were the subject of Turkish Newspapers. Grandpa didn’t want to get off “Harley”…” wrote Catherine. What members said: “If to think deeply, then you for the gift of life”. Here and rightly so!

By the way, after examining the pictures of Lisa from vacation, social media users agreed that the girl was not lying when he said that not consider themselves the Golden youth.

In the photo there is no expensive clothes than usual sin other stars of Instagram. All modest – girl, sea, palm trees and beloved man. As it should be at 18.

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