18-летняя дочь Сергея Бодрова поступила в ВУЗ, скрывая родство с ним Heir to the directing dynasty will be studying at VGIK on a budgetary basis. Passing the entrance exams, the girl tried not to focus on the fact that she is the daughter of cult Director. Only at the last stage, one of the members of the Commission said her first name, after which everything became clear.

      18-летняя дочь Сергея Бодрова поступила в ВУЗ, скрывая родство с ним

      Those who are familiar with the biography of Sergei Bodrov, it is well known that in his youth he wanted to enter the film Institute. However, then persuaded his father, explaining that to work in this field is necessary only if there is an irresistible connection to the movie. In the end, Bodrov decided from this venture to be abandoned. And years later his dream was fulfilled by his daughter. Heir to the directing dynasty 18-year-old Olga decided to become an actress. But refused to use connections of his father, grandfather and mother, who works in one of the Federal channels.

      Olga filed the documents on the budget office – says the teacher of VGIK Artem Petrov. On her specialty “Actor drama theater and cinema” we only have 12 places, of which only 4 girls. The competition – almost a thousand people in the place! And she never indicated who she was. There is a rule, when an applicant stands before the Commission, he calls the surname, name and patronymic. Now, she’s even the middle name is not pronounced. It was caught only at the last stage – saw the questionnaire, one master asked the forehead: “You a daughter?” She, embarrassed, answered: “Yes.”

      To become a student of theatrical University, Bodrov was taking the exam, wrote their own script, prepared the study. “A passing score on the Russian language we had only 38, and the literature – 40. Olga scored 91 and 71! – continues Artem. Next to this priiplyusovali marks for the script and acting – all pulled out a card with a role that had to play before the jury. She was 95 and 98 points out of a possible 100.

      On admission students of VGIK learned just two weeks ago. But already familiar. “Olya modest and nice girl. Very talented, ” says Oleg, a classmate Bodrova. When she took on “the budget”, she asked the teachers: “It’s definitely not because of my father? Don’t do me discount, I want to make myself.” She quickly found a common language with all and became the soul of the company. We try not to question her about her dad not to hurt feelings, although many whispered, noting her striking resemblance to Sergei.

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