18-year-old daughter of johnny Depp threw an adult boyfriend

18-летняя дочка Джонни Деппа бросила взрослого бойфренда
Lily-rose has gone from ash Stymest.

Lily-rose Depp and ash Stymest


Lily-rose Depp, apparently, inherited from his
the father of johnny Depp’s tendency not to cherish the relationship. Lily-Rose
born to a 14-year civil with Vanessa Paradis Depp, who in his life
had twice married and as many times divorced and still change a lot
mistresses. Now Lily-rose, who is only 18 years old, has already managed to break one
heart. The other day she dumped her boyfriend ash Stymest.

The novel daughters of Depp and Ash made a lot of noise in social circles. When it began, she was only 16 years old, and
her friend had turned 24 years old. By the time ash, which, as
Lily-rose, made a career in the modeling industry, has managed to marry and divorce.
Moreover, in this marriage he had a daughter, summer, now 5
years. The daughter of Depp and Stymest met for about two years. But in the end ash bore her. Besides, Lily-rose now
active career and makes her a pity to waste precious time on Boyfriends.

The prospects for the daughters of Depp
the most brilliant. She not only managed to become a popular model, but
tried a movie. The girl already starred in four films and has signed a contract
on the fifth. And the Malibu witnessed her shoot for advertising
campaign new collection for fashion house Chanel, whom she
is. And the bystanders shooting were impressed with the outfit Lily-rose:
she posed only in a gray cap and a jacket — no pants or skirts!