18-year-old daughter of Barack Obama got a job in Hollywood

18-летняя дочь Барака Обамы получила работу в Голливуде

Energy 18-year-old daughter of ex-US President Barack Obama Malia will now be sent in the right direction, the girl got a job in Hollywood. No, you don’t think through the relationship of father Malia got a role in a movie. Obama Jr. became an employee of one of the most powerful companies in Hollywood, which is owned by producer Harvey Weinstein.

On Malia has a great and important task – it will take away the scripts that go into development. Of course, such decisions Obama will make is not their own, and as an Intern to learn from more experienced employee.

Insiders say that if Malia good show itself, she can get a job in Hollywood. What about Harvard? We will remind, the parents gave the girl a time to relax from studying. Last year Malia graduated from high school, and had to go to Harvard. But these plans may be broken or attrocites indefinitely.