18-year-old beauty from Tyumen is preparing for the “Miss world”

18-летняя красавица из Тюмени готовится к «Мисс мира»

Just a month representatives of the Tyumen and Orenburg will perform at the contest “Miss world” and “Miss universe”.

In the spring of this year for the prestigious title of “Miss Russia” fought 50 girls from different cities of Russia. The victory was won by 18-year-old Yana Dobrovolskaya from Tyumen, who received the chance to predstavljati our country at the contest “Miss world”.

The candidate continues to study in College of culture and arts, where he studied for a choreographer and teacher, dancing and preparing for the upcoming contest. By the way, participated in the “Miss Russia” was given Jan easy: to pass the threshold of 173 cm, the girl every day, hanging on the bar and eating foods that promote the growth. That’s the spirit!

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“A year ago, the dance took 90% of my life, I love it wholeheartedly, but right now in my life, a lot of Hobbies and new possibilities that, to some extent, it became my favorite thing. And I’m glad, because the long-awaited victory and bitter defeat, the Luggage behind, I got through the dance, helps me to move forward and to go through life… dancing,” shares the details of his life Dobrovolskaya with fans.

In addition to “Miss world” everyone is looking forward to another beauty contest, which also traditionally takes place in December. At the “Miss universe” Russia will be represented by Julianna Korol’kova, who took second place in the “Miss Russia – 2016”.

The girl won the title of first Vice-miss. Despite the fact that the official website of the contest Julianna gained quite a bit of votes, she won over the jury and was able to enter the top 3 beauties of Russia.

21-year-old Julianna arrived from Orenburg to Moscow, where he is engaged in modeling and studying at the British higher school of design.

While the exact date of competitions to be announced, but girls from all over the world and their fans are already hardened in anticipation of his moment of glory.

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