18-летняя красавица-дочка Риз Уизерспун влюбилась!
Ava won the heart of the grandson of the famous musician.

18-летняя красавица-дочка Риз Уизерспун влюбилась!

Reese Witherspoon with daughter Ava


The inhabitants of London were
intrigued by the appearance on the streets a young handsome couple. The girl was strikingly similar to a Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon, but much younger. The British, who follow the secular
Chronicles, rather quickly guessed that the daughter of actress Ava. Because the girl
despite his youth, already forced to talk about themselves — it makes a successful
a career as a model, and she predicted a bright future. Besides,
last year Ava was one of 20 girls selected to participate in
the famous debutante Ball in Paris.

And here is her companion
could “identify” only appeared some time later the reporters. Young
the man was a person not too well-known to the public, but consisting in
relationship with a celebrity of the first magnitude — “a living legend of rock” Paul McCartney! In
cavalier ava identified the grandson of sir Paul 19 — year-old Arthur Donald. Young
the man who this fall became a student at Yale University – the son of one
of the daughters of the great musician Mary and her husband Alistair Donald.

Ava and Arthur was
so passionate conversation, that didn’t seem to notice anything and anyone
around. They looked at each other tender looks and behave like
lovers. And ended their walk at the trendy Sketch where Arthur was invited Ava, Witherspoon’s daughter from her marriage to Ryan Philippe, “a few drinks”
and where they stayed up late. At home in California, hail this
the opportunity has not presented itself. After all, she’s only 18, but under American law,
citizens under the age of 21, do not have the right to drink alcohol.

Where and when it is in the first
met Ava and Arthur, reporters while it could not figure out. Soon
all they poznakomilsja in the company of mutual friends — because Reese Witherspoon, mom
girl is a close friend and another daughter Sex — Stella, Maccarini, mother and aunt of Arthur.

Ava satellite