17 лет как один день: Бекхэмы отмечают годовщину свадьбы

This is the 4th of July, David and Victoria Beckham are celebrating 17 years since the wedding day.

Years of marriage did not dull the feelings of the spouses, they are now recognized each other in love as the first time.

One of the strongest pairs of show business celebrates the landmark date – 17 years of marriage. In honor of this event, David and Victoria Beckham showed fans of wedding pictures and congratulated each other all over the world via the Internet.

“My best friend, my love. The kindest person in the world who inspires me every day. Happy anniversary, the best husband and father! Together forever!” – congratulated the husband of Victoria.

“Wow, 17 years ago happened this day… I was lucky to meet someone like me who wants from life what I am. We have four beautiful children, and I couldn’t even dream of a more caring and loving mother than you. Happy anniversary, I love you!” – said the wife of David.

Recall that when the soloist of Spice Girls Victoria Adams married the famous football player David Beckham, nobody believed in their marriage. Fairytale wedding in an Irish castle Luttrelstown seemed the press and the detractors nothing more than a PR move. He married singer and divorced, promised envious.

And what do we see now? While evil tongues invent the news about the divorce of the spouses still love each other, Victoria and David are celebrating 17 years of happy marriage. They have three growing sons and daughter.

Looking at this picture, you begin to believe that some unions really are made in heaven…

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