17-year-old makeup artist has become the face of beauty brand

17-летний юноша-визажист стал лицом бьюти-бренда

What experiments do only cosmetic brand to attract even more attention to their products.

The popular American brand has become known not only for its striking collections, but interesting cooperation. That is the first CoverGirl has signed a contract with the African model, has collaborated with global stars and always created something not even thought of others.

So this time the beauty brand shocked the public and drew attention to the new official face of CoverGirl. They became 17-year-old makeup artist James Charles of new York.

The work of the makeup artist followed more than 500 thousand followers on Instagram, which appeared on his page in less than a year. Of course, such popularity could not miss from the famous brands.

“I really hope that I can inspire people to learn how to use cosmetics. If 17-year-old random guy that can do it, you can, – shared her emotions with James. — Work with this legendary brand, and even as the first Ambassador-men, is a great honor for me. I began to “Instagram” a year ago, to inspire others to set themselves more challenging goals and to develop. I hope that my example will show that cosmetics can be used by everyone and anyone can succeed if you put enough work. Can’t wait to show you the new products of the brand, you will find something very cool.”

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