16-year-olds massacred in a school Perm

16-летние подростки устроили резню в школе Перми Both criminals are detained. According to media reports, Leo Bizakov and Alexander Belize planned to take revenge on the students for disrespect to himself, but during clashes clashed and dashed at each other with knives.
16-летние подростки устроили резню в школе Перми

Early on Monday morning, two unidentified armed with knives, attacked students and teachers of the Perm school № 127. It is reported that as a result of clashes were injured eight people. Among them are students 11-12 years old and the teacher of initial classes Natalia.

At the place of work head of the investigation Department in the Motovilikhinsky district and forensic investigators. On the given fact criminal case on signs of the crime provided under article “Attempt at murder of two and more persons”. How did you find the reporters, 16-year-old Leo Bizakov and his friend Alexander staged a brawl in the walls of the school. According to preliminary data, one of the participants of the fight consisted on the account in a psychoneurological clinic.

Later the information appeared that Bizakov has repeatedly reviewed the videos taken during the attack the school “Columbine” in the United States. Perm pupils say that Leo and Sasha decided to attack the students because of the fact that took one of the posts in the social network as an insult in his address. Admin local public wrote: “happy New Year, dogs.” The lion was outraged by this attitude.

Later, the Network has published a list of victims. Almost all the students injured are students of the 4th class. It is reported that the attackers tried to strike on the head to immediately kill. The teacher and one 10-year-old child seriously injured in the neck.

At the moment the lion Bizakov detained and sent with serious injuries to hospital. His contemporary Alexander Belize also was hospitalized. According to one version, the 16-year-olds jointly organized an armed attack on the 127-th school. During the attack between the boys occurred a conflict, they rushed at each other.

Employees of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, arrived at the scene, said that will be thoroughly checked.

“Will be carefully analyzed the circumstances of the incident, identified all the persons involved in the offence, the causes and conditions that contributed to its Commission. Will be given a legal assessment to actions of officials, whose duties include providing access control and order in school, as well as the organization of preventive work with juveniles,” – said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

Later in the telegram channel Mash appeared eyewitness accounts. Children from 4B said as vuse happened.

“We had classroom work, we the teacher explained what to do. And suddenly, we broke two high school student, dressed in black, approached the teacher and began to strike blows with a knife. We were frightened, began to shout “Help!” and move to the window. The second student stood in the doorway and wouldn’t let us when we wanted to get to the exit. When we approached it, he exhibited a knife. When we ran the first student began to strike blows with a knife and us. When he gave me blows with a knife, I ran to the window, then I was approached by a second student and gestures showed that not gonna hit me because I raised my hands. One boy (Sasha) ran to the door, and then the second starclassic stabbed him with a knife. Seizing the moment, everyone ran to the door and ran away. Seniors всt done silently by each other’s names were not called”, – said Shkolnik.

In the Perm region was convened a meeting of the operational headquarters on the occurred incident. Commissioner for the rights of the child Svetlana Denisova commented on the attack adolescents. “This is not an attack, it’s not some attack on the school. One of the attackers was a pupil of the 10th form of the school, the other a former student. According to my information, between them there was a conflict, and the teacher and students became involuntary witnesses and participants of this incident. While it is not clear how all this happened. Both attackers also wounded,” confirmed the official.

In City clinical hospital №4 was completed three operations. The most severe injuries to the teacher. She is in intensive care. “Operation teen also ended, and one had a wound of the carotid artery, the other jugular vein. All sewn up, they are in the intensive care unit”, – told reporters in the hospital.

Later, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the incident at the school.

“Let’s give probably Regardie and the Ministry of internal Affairs to deal with, at an appropriate level to ensure the safety in this school. However, given that this is internal, so to say, the knife fight between the pupils of the school, let’s give this internal investigation will hold. This is not an attack on the school from the outside… Let’s wait for the experts ‘viewpoint and will not make any such Amateur speculations in this regard”, – said Peskov.