16-летняя Стеша Маликова переживает из-за своего возраста
Daughter Dmitry Malikov is preparing for graduation.

Stefaniya Malikova brother Dima Malikov

Photo: @dmitriy_malikov (Instagram Dmitry Malikov)

Stephanie Malikova only 16 years old, and she’s already thinking about
your age and the years spent. Today
the girl visited last call his cousin Dima, and after published
one of the group.

“Before you know it — and already the last call my brother. Even
I can’t believe next year will be produced and I, ” says Stephanie. — How to imagine shivering in the body, so
quickly run years of life”. Subscribers girls were divided into two camps: those
Stashu who cheers up and says that she has her whole life ahead of you, and those who
openly laughing at her, accusing of being stupid.

By the way, Stesha is not the first time “run up” to the negativity with
the part of subscribers. But unconstructive criticism 16-year-old star of the Internet is not scary. It is not just
spoke about this in his personal blog. A couple of weeks ago, a girl
issued a statement that, if you believe the same world wide web
belongs to the Buddha: “Your job is to decide whether to insult me or not, and mine
take your insults or not. I refuse to accept them. Can pick up
them yourself”.

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