16-year-old “buttons” appeared with a big “pregnant” belly

16-летняя «Пуговка» снялась с большим «беременным» животом
Ekaterina Starshova in the image of a future mother has angered members of the Network.

Ekaterina Starshova

Photo: Social networks

Ekaterina Starshova for many years does not appear in the “blue” screen, but continues to be extremely popular. For the life of a star of the TV series “Daddy’s girls” in social media following of more than 14 thousand people. Not so long ago, “the Button” was suspected of pregnancy. There were persistent rumors that 16-year-old Starshova allegedly expecting a child and preparing for the wedding. Hard to say, where did these crazy assumptions. However, some members believe the tabloids, so are closely watching the situation.

Even if Catherine was in December of last year (when the first rumors) in the early stages of pregnancy, but now she had to have an impressive rounded belly. But signs of pregnancy in Starkovoy there, and the users of the Network instead to ensure that information about the future baby — just fiction, continue to bombard the girl with questions in the comments.

Starshova during the work in the film industry learned how to treat gossip with irony. In her microblog appeared a photo that was taken especially for those who believe in spreading rumors. “Wait for a new release of the program “16 and Pregnant”, is jokingly signed frame Starshova. It Catherine posing with a “fake” belly. Note that its a joke some netizens met with hostility. “This is not a joking matter!”, “No sooner is so much talk about pregnancy?”, “And why? A strange sense of humor,” write Catherine.