16-year-old button told about her pregnancy

16-летняя Пуговка рассказала о своей беременности
Ekaterina Starshova is outraged by the behavior of some bloggers.

Photo: Instagram

The star of the series “father’s daughter” Katya Starshova has long been not in films, but her popularity was so great that until now girl “reaping the fruits” of his glory.

Recently Catherine was amazed by the questions that she became a hundred to come in “direct” Instagram: “is it True that you are pregnant?”

By the way, Starshova only this summer graduated from the 9th grade, and this fall celebrated its 16th anniversary. Yes, there are times when her peers make family and have children, but it’s certainly not about Katya.

“You what?! I’m not pregnant! wrote the indignant Catherine in a personal blog. — Could realistically make up a story!”

As it turned out, a few bloggers trying to attract to your page and more traffic began sending “fake” news that Katya Starshova pregnant. That’s why the surprised fans began to ask her these questions. And she decided to raise this delicate subject in his blog.

In fact, now the actress is busy thinking very different things. Of course, someday she will marry and become a mother, but now in first place in the study. Catherine day student plans to graduate from high school and has already started preparing for admission in one of the leading medical universities in the country. Also for many years she has been dancing on ice and is now actively performing with children’s theatre of skating. According to journalists, the mother of stars, Stasovoy even a boyfriend.