15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

It seems that the models Victoria’s Secret flawless. So when it comes to their beauty secrets, we want to know everything. Than they wash off the makeup? What kind of concealer is always their bags? What cosmetics do they use? We did some research and found out which products are the “angels” on the dressing table.

Bioactive additive in food Noni Glow Skin Food Supplement Diet Supplement Powder, Kora Organics (1 300 RUB)

Martha hunt believes that proper nutrition is the key to beauty. Star recognizes that the long “hooked” on dietary Supplements from brand Kora Organics, which was founded by her colleague on the catwalk Miranda Kerr.
I always take vitamin supplements, I really believe that they benefit the body. I put a couple tablespoons in a bottle of water and stir. I do not exclude that it is a placebo effect, but who cares if I feel much better and notice how different my skin? she said in an interview.

What is the composition of these miracle powders? If you believe the website of the brand, one serving of Noni Glow Skin Food Supplement Diet Supplement Powder contains concentrated fruit cocktail of Noni, acai, blueberry, mangosteen and pomegranate, which are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, polyphenols, bioflavonoids and carotene.

Also included is a mix to raise the immune system (green tea, rosehips, and elderberries). The taste of the mixture is quite pleasant, with no sugar, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Pigment for lips and cheeks Cheek & Lip Stain, Benefit (2 185 RUB.)

Brand Ambassador for many beauty brands and young mother candice Swanepoel is literally in every interview love the best-selling brand Benefit:
In my spare time I like to be natural with minimal makeup. For easy blush I always use a tint for lips and cheeks. Created in the 1970-ies by the order of “the performer of exotic dances”, Benetint has become a true legend. It is suitable for any type and skin tone, and also kiss-proof.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

Sunscreen lotion Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50, Neutrogena (670 rubles).

Second thanks Candace — baby sunscreen.
My favorite is the Neutrogena lotion SPF 50. It is used by makeup artists for the summer filming the Victoria’s Secret that we in any case are not burned.

Means hypoallergenic, does not contain skin irritating chemicals, fragrances, parabens, phthalates and dyes, so it is suitable for use to owners of sensitive skin. Alas, in Russia the lotion is not for sale, but you can order it on Amazon or iHerb.

Mousse cleanser Energie de Vie The Foam Cleanser, Lancome (4 100 RUB.)

Taylor hill is a longtime fan of the cleansing foam from the Energie de Vie with herbal extracts to saturate the skin with moisture and keep it inside.
The tool has become my favorite because it smells good and helps me to fight acne. Not everyone knows about this lineup and this leads me into shock. I want to shout: “You did not try? Never even heard of? But she’s an amazing”!Let’s hope that it is, and odes Marche Taylor sings not because she is her messenger.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret Taylor Hill

Concealer Diorskin Forever Undercover Concealer, Dior (1 547 rbl.)

Yes, the “angels” Victoria’s Secret is also not sleep, so in the morning dark circles under the eyes have to cleverly mask the concealer. According to Elsa Hosk, best is copy from Dior. It causes not only eye but also the area around the nose and chin. It lasts from morning till evening (and a loose powder).

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret
Elsa Hosk

Deep cleansing gel Gentle Skin Cleanser, Cetaphil (1 100 RUB)

Jasmine tookes — a fan of drugstore brand Cetaphil.

My secret to perfect skin — cleanse your face regardless of how tired you are! I do this with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and I use vitamin E tablets. I also wipe the face before going to sleep with ice. It helps to tighten pores, — she told Vogue in 2014.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret
Jasmine Tookes

Skin balm eye contour The Eye Balm Intense, La Mer (14 000 RUB.)

Lily Aldridge calls this famous cream “just a luxury” (and not just in price). The star assures that you will not regret to give him a certain amount (equal to the subsistence level in Moscow) because effect will not have to wait. Responsible elixir Miracle Broth (or “miracle broth”) and sea enzyme Marine De-Puff Ferment.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret
Lily Aldridge

Dry shampoo “Oat milk”, Klorane (265 RUB.)

It is hard to imagine, but the brand produces Klorane dry shampoo since 1971. In their structure — brand oat milk with soothing and protective action and micronized powder with high absorbent properties. Two minutes — and your hair fresh and voluminous again.

This Express product is and Taylor hill, who’s schedule is so busy that time to wash the head sometimes is just not enough.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

Face mask of 24 carat gold, 24K Gold Mask, Mimi Luzon (29 700 RUB.)

In Instagram of beauty brand Mimi Luzon there are dozens of photos of Alessandra Ambrosio, Irina Shayk and other models in masks of gold, Pure 24 Gold Mask. By the way, in the media and the truth comes with a gold (foil), and peptides (Hexpeptide8), coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and extracts of peach and red tea.

Say that ten minutes it works wonders — smoothes fine lines and reduces redness. Still — for such a price!

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

Curling the Beachwaver® Pro 1.25 (18 300 RUB.)

This Styler make styling the Victoria’s Secret models before the show, they use the star stylists to create images on the red carpet, they choose leading hairdressers. Lead hair stylist, responsible for the images of “angels”, Sarah Potempa admits she trusts a Perm curls this Curling iron (because she has developed).

The point is that here the ceramic coating heats up to 200 degrees in 30 seconds. And now some sad news — gadget in Russia for some reason has not sold. However, perhaps soon will become a favorite new Dyson Airwrap…

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

Liquid Foundation Zuii Organic (2 800 rubles)

Miranda Kerr is a fan of not only his own brand Kora Organics, but the Australian brand Zuii Organics. In the composition of the organic petals of roses, Jasmine and chamomile and other natural ingredients.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

Drying lotion Drying Lotion, Mario Badescu (1 3 96 RUB)

Stella Maxwell uses this pink solution in a glass bottle, as quickly as possible to get rid of the inflammation. Wherever I go, take it. And the lotion has never failed me — has always worked 100 percent! It contains salicylic acid with 10% active sulfur, camphor and zinc oxide which helps prevent scarring. They say that also helps with mosquito bites.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

The shade of Nars (1 700 rubles)

Lais Ribeiro loves the shadow marks “an incredible variety of shades.”

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret
Lais Ribeiro

Natural Pink Crystal Face Body SPA Facial Massage Roller, Jade Stone (592 RUB)

Joséphine Skriver uses jade massager in the morning to reduce puffiness. It cools, tones the skin, improves elasticity and circulation, and also increases the absorption of serums and moisturizers.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret
Josephine Skriver

Dry shampoo Morning After Dust, L’oreal Professionnel (1 290 rubles)

When Alessandra Ambrosio can’t get to the beach, it adds texture to hair with a dry shampoo.

15 любимых бьюти-средств "ангелов" Victoria’s Secret

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