14-летний сын Наташи Королевой показал любимую собаку
Touching photo Arkhip Glushko and his pet.

Photo: Instagram.com

Singer Natasha Koroleva shared a photo of two favorite “boys”. In the photo: 14-year-old Arkhip, the son of singer Sergey Glushko, gently cuddle the Hedgehog. That is the nickname is a pet, a favorite star of the family — the dog breeds.

However, Arkhip your pet seldom sees, because in Moscow, he is only on vacation. Young man studying in the United States, in Miami. There lives the Queen mother Lyudmila Poryvai, so that the care provided to a teenager. But the guy brought up the independence and responsibility that is so important in the transition to adulthood.

The fact that she decided to teach her son to an independent life, is not surprising. After all, she was very early left his father’s house star began touring, while still in school.

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