14-летняя внучка Ивана Краско вынуждена работать Alice lives with her mom in Spain. The girl guided tours for children at the science Museum. Once she dreamed of becoming an actress, but now she had another goal. The heiress to the famous surname is upset that her father died when she was very young.
14-летняя внучка Ивана Краско вынуждена работать

Now 87-year-old actor Ivan Krasko lives happily with her 27-year-old wife Natalia. For the Folk artist’s fourth marriage. While the pair is in no hurry to have children – Ivan, two daughters and two sons. One heir, Andrew, died from heart failure in 2006. The father of Andrei Krasko explained why not blame doctors for his death

The man was an actor and starred in such films as “Saboteur”, “9 Rota”, “Turkish gambit”, “Elimination” and many others. The man was married twice – once after the divorce he stopped to register the relationship and chose to tie the knot.

During the affair with Caroline Fatyanovo they had a daughter Alice. Now the girl is 14 years old. She, along with relatives living in Spain. Former civil wife of actor admires the heiress, however, admits that she missed her father.

“Alice already earns. Guided tours for children at the science Museum. Sometimes she really regrets that she has no dad. Really miss his love and care. I want to be the girl that dad would indulge. Alice is wise beyond his years. Its ability to science and thirst for knowledge began to manifest itself in early childhood, when at age 7, she read the entire series of “Harry Potter” more than once. To 10 years read speed daughter has reached 100 pages per hour. A book of 450 pages it could “swallow” for the evening”, – said Carolina.
14-летняя внучка Ивана Краско вынуждена работать

The woman admitted that Alice was thinking about how to continue the family tradition and become an actress. Mom supported the aspirations of her daughter, but then he noticed that her interests had changed. However, Caroline supports her daughter in any endeavor.

14-летняя внучка Ивана Краско вынуждена работать“We really wanted to be an actress. I said that it is necessary to hand over Russian and the literature. She downloaded the entire curriculum of language and literature and began to study by himself. Over time, dream about acting changed her love for animals to the point where she is seriously thinking of becoming a dog handler. She speaks four languages: Russian, Castilian (Spanish), Catalan, English,” shared past years.

The former darling of the paint works in Spain as a freelancer and writes about migrants. She told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that the last time Ivan talked to my granddaughter a couple of years ago. According to Caroline, perhaps she and her daughter will arrive this year in Russia and will be able to visit famous relative.