13-year-old daughter of Igor Krutoy has significantly blossomed

13-летняя дочь Игоря Крутого заметно расцвела Alexander surprised fans of the couple. Wife of the famous composer Igor Krutoy published a picture of him with his daughter. Members admired the beauty of a young girl.

      13-летняя дочь Игоря Крутого заметно расцвела

      The youngest daughter of the famous composer Igor Krutoy, Alexander is 13 years old. Despite such a young age, the girl already rising from his famous dad. Wife of Igor Krutoy Olga has published in the microblog picture of her husband and daughter. Frame has caused excitement among all subscribers of the account of his wife Cool, who have unanimously admired the fact that as they grow older Alexander literally blooms.

      “You have beautiful children, Olga! Health to you all!” “The baby’s a girl”, “Sasha transformed. A beautiful girl turns”, “just like your daddy, a very charming girl,” wrote members of the wife of the famous composer.

      In addition to Alexandra Igor Krutoy has two more children – son Nicholas from her first marriage, and step-daughter Victoria, whom he raised as his own. Also have three grandchildren. Relatives of Igor Yakovlevich think he is a very caring grandfather who is trying to help his heirs with the kids.

      “Dad came to the hospital on the day of birth, a few hours later – told “StarHit” the son of the composer Nikolai. – Said the girl is very beautiful. Come into the room and asks: “so how’s nick?” My wife was almost killed! We’re at the moment still undecided, how do we call the daughter. Was deciding between Veronica and Margarita – and in the end, a week after observing her behavior, he decided that the latter is still more suitable. She is dark, calm, not whiny, wakes up and opens one eye – so funny”.

      Very soon the family would be Cool to mark the first anniversary of daughter Victoria little Demi rose at the end of November will be a year. A young mother recovered really quickly after birth and continues to amaze its users a slim figure.