13-летняя дочка Анны Седоковой вышла на работу
Alina was a presenter.

Anna Sedokova with her daughters Alina and Monica

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Anna Sedokova from an early age to teach their daughters to work. On the eve of the singer said that her eldest heir, 13-year-old Alina recently released her first job. Girl trys her hand at the profession of the presenter. Sedokova is closely monitoring the result of the work of Alina and helps her valuable advice. While Alina doesn’t forget about his studies at school, she yet manages to combine two classes.

Anna and she manages to build a career and raise three children. In April of this year she had a son Hector. Watching him “eat” the singer a lot of effort, but she doesn’t want to miss the important achievements of the baby and, for the most part, engaged in it myself. For example, such a serious matter as the feeding input, Sedokova not trust your nanny. She took up the matter on their own, as proudly announced to his fans. The first experience was negative — the son spat proposed by Anna squash puree.

The youngest daughter Sedokova is now engaged in her father — Maxim Cherniavsky. Just a week ago, he gave six-year-old Monica, a school located in Los Angeles.

Recall that some time ago, Anna admitted that broke up with the father of her third child. The most curious that the fans of the stars still don’t know his last name. There have been suggestions that Sedokova gave birth to the son of a millionaire Artem Korolev. Others suspect that the father may be the lead singer of the band M-Band Anatoliy Tsoy.