13 going on 30: Buzova wears the same hairstyle that was in childhood

Из 13 в 30: Бузова носит ту же прическу, что была в детстве

Leading “House-2” have not radically changed her image, and only returned to what it once was.

Since 2004, i.e. since the moment she got in “the House-2”, we remember her as a blonde. First long, then short hair. And in 2016, after came the news about the divorce Buzova with her husband Dmitry Tarasov, the host acted like all the girls went to the hairdresser to change hairstyle and to start a new life. The star broke up with the blonde and became a brunette with a Bob.

Fans initially upset, but then I used to. No one imagined that Olga changed her image and came back to the fact that she was at school age. That is leading away from personal dramas in their own childhood, to such conclusion came the fans, seeing childhood photos of Olga and her friends co-host Ksenia Borodina.

Members noted that the daughter Borodina Marusya just a copy of herself at that age. Buzova and not much has changed since then, only her hair was thick before and now a few days had lost its former volume.

“Olka so adorable. Back hair child” – not overjoyed fans.

Really, for this old photo Buzova really nice, which is not true of her last pictures…

After it became clear that Dmitry Tarasov, first filed for divorce, kicked Olga out of the apartment and took her car, Buzova flew with friends in Madrid, where walks around town in extracortical mini and heels of 15 centimeters. Girl gone wild.