“12 years of hell” and articulated a new reason for the breakup of pitt and Jolie

«12 лет ада»: озвучена новая причина расставания Питта и Джоли Insiders claim that brad was suffering in the marriage c Angie. If you believe the latest reports from the environment of Hollywood stars, Jolie allegedly did not give enough time pitt, pushing him into the background. So the man, presumably, with relief, took the news about the divorce.
«12 лет ада»: озвучена новая причина расставания Питта и Джоли

In September last year, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. From the moment I became aware of the separation of the pair, the media regularly publish a new version of the parting of celebrities. It was alleged that brad allegedly had an argument with the eldest son of the couple Maddox. Later this story start to mount up, and insiders claimed that the young man does not consider pitt’s father and refuses to communicate with him.

Recently in the foreign tabloids there are other data that shed light on the events that occurred in the family of brad and Angelina. This time it is alleged that pitt sincerely glad the divorce with Jolie. If you believe the statements of insiders, the actor was suffering in the marriage and dreamed of freedom. Time spent with Angelina, brad allegedly called “12 years of hell.”

“This novel was initially doomed because of the constant drama and anger. They had nothing in common except good sex. Again and again, they analyzed their behavior from a family therapist, but it didn’t help. Brad attacked his demons. At first everything was fine, but because of the children Angie started so tired that pushed brad into the background,” shared a source close to the stars.
«12 лет ада»: озвучена новая причина расставания Питта и Джоли

Himself brad pitt did not react to the publication. After divorcing Angelina the man admitted that his relationship with his wife was affected by alcoholism. The artist was forced to seek help from professionals. In the end pitt was able to overcome addiction – he replaced hot drinks cranberry juice and sparkling water. In addition, brad has a passion for the art. Now, the Hollywood star spends a lot of time working with different materials – clay, metal, wood and plaster.

“I was down” – brad pitt for the first time about divorce and the fight with Angelina Jolie

According to some reports, pitt and Jolie decided to give each other a second chance. Whether this is so, is not known. At the same time, other knowledgeable sources say that brad was fascinated by actress Ella Purnell. 21-year-old actress played the young heroine of Angelina in the film “Maleficent”.

At the same time, she Jolie decided to focus on the business. The actress is launching a new jewelry collection under her name. Hollywood star collaborates jeweler Robert Prokop, who once helped brad with a wedding ring for Angie. By the way, recently, the designer presented gorgeous necklace weighing 888 carats, decorated suspension with 70 sapphires. The cost of one of a kind items – five million dollars, and it was called “Star Jolie”.