12-year-old daughter Anna Sedokova dissatisfied with the behavior of mothers

12-летняя дочка Анны Седоковой недовольна поведением мамы
The singer wants to learn to refuse people.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Anna Sedokova and her 12-year-old daughter very warm and trusting relationship. The singer communicates with Alina as a friend and tries to listen to the advice that, despite her young age, she gives. The daughter denounced her mother’s inability to say no to people. 34-year-old Anna calmly took the criticism and reflection about whether the words Alina reality.

On reflection, Anna realized that her daughter was right. “Of course I pondered her words. She’s right. Yes, being good is a plus. Kindness is important in life! But where is the line between loshizmom and kindness? In this life you nobody! And equally you don’t owe anybody anything! And I’m not talking about the parents and not the children, not to confuse the flies with cutlets! When you give something, you have to understand that people may not return ever. And usually does not return… So, if you feel sorry for — not! And you have every right to be! I’ve spent my life trying to please your mother tried to she praised me and in the end achieved it. But believe me it is not worth these long years. It did not have neither me nor her. Would be better if I relaxed and lived as we wanted!” — said Anna.

Incidentally, not so long ago, Alina first came out with mom on the red carpet. Daughter of the singer was embarrassed by the increased attention of photographers to her mom. “For her I’m just a mom with an interesting profession. But my popularity for her is a relative concept. And then she looked at me with surprise. Why mom is so often photographed?” — said Sedokova.