12 unique quotes Nikita Dzhigurda about love: “goddess Anis” and “stairway from Hell”

12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада» March 17, outrageous entertainer and skater officially divorced. The celebrity breakup was a surprise for all fans of the star couple. However, Nikita Dzhigurda continues to talk about her feelings for ex-wife. “StarHit” appealed to the most striking statements of the artist of the athlete made in the last time.
12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»

In October last year, Marina Anisina announced irreconcilable contradictions with her husband Nikita Dzhigurda. Many fans of the stars were surprised by this news, because from their marriage seemed ideal. Anisina and Dzhigurda regularly recognized each other in love and never ceased to amaze the audience. The public found a couple very showy and colorful.

Not so long ago, in March of this year, entertainer and skater officially divorced. From the moment in the media appeared information about the differences between the artist and the athlete, the scandals surrounding their divorce did not abate. Now, when the hype around the resonance of history gradually began to subside, “StarHit” decided to appeal to the most striking statements of Nikita Dzhigurda about the second half, made during an extremely difficult period.

Nikita Dzhigurda has proved its loyalty to Marina Anisina those


Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina was found in 2007. Then the Olympic champion took part in the project “Dances on ice. The velvet season”. Partner star sports is Nikita Dzhigurda. After some time between celebrities having romantic relationship, and a year later they were married. The flamboyant showman continues to remember the moment when I met future wife.

“In 2007, the year – on the earth, dance ice N. D. met unique goddess Anis! It is green beacons its laser eyes burned really fall in love at first sight, brilliant-crazy Dzhigurda, who became her wedded husband and the mantra “Om” burned Amazon Anisina and it is one for the ages – divinely hung!” – said the artist.


Many did not understand how outrageous Nikita Dzhigurda has attracted Olympic champion Marina Anisina, which at the time was courting the Prince of Monaco. Even the relatives of the athletes were skeptical of her choice. Nevertheless, the very skater constantly assured the public that between them true love and they are showman, “two halves of one whole”. The chosen athletes answered her affection:

This Russian, a cool French
The goddess of Anis, in the space iudaizma,
In love rich boys and men,
Her spirit and icy green eyes afraid…
And only N. D. the will of the Vedic fire –
Melted defiantly-rebellious girl
Of death – heart smile!


The flamboyant figure of show-business has repeatedly noted that joint life with Marina Anisina those were his very happy life span.

I told her and she
I was given… And the Moon
From the buzz we were thrilled…

12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


To love means to be able to find a common language with your beloved and go on kompromiss.

“I know how it is terrible and beautiful goddess women’s Anise in anger… But in love with her… and in hell And in the sky!” – wrote a showman.
12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


In one of his works of Nikita Dzhigurda admitted that does not test negative emotions in relation to his ex-wife. Despite the fact that celebrity broke up, they some time tried to establish communication for the children. Apparently, the showman still managed again to find a common language with Marina Anisina those made in December last year a loud statement to the entire country.

Marina Anisina revealed the truth about the divorce

Goddess Anis wanted
A man stronger than yourself
I’m stronger because
what’s more like
Don’t blame her for anything
And, flying fire going,
I dream to be with her
Himself the Troll.

12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


In one of the poems Jim Carrey explained why he went to meet his wife, when she decided to divorce him. The performer stresses that he does not blame the athlete. By the way, in another poem out of the chair told that will always consider his ex-wife “mother”.

I agreed Anis
For foes my surprise
Not from despair,
But the virgin love,
Giving her the freedom
I’m not blaming and not rude
Announced code.
Let him be happy on the bottom
And in the Sky too
I live in the country,
Where the maiden lived
The mythical stage of love,
Christ the giver
All is forgiven – C’est La vie –
I am real!

12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


On Valentine’s Day, Nikita Dzhigurda has surprised the public with a provocative picture of Marina Anisina those. In the picture, which appeared on social networks of the artist, the athlete posing Topless. Thus showman expressed his admiration for the woman. In addition, the chair reported on the sacrifices that he is willing to go for her.

Here the goddess Anis mine
Already the mother of two of our gods;
It is so a miracle from edge to edge,
I die for her.

12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


In the memorable anniversary of their wedding with Marina Anisina those the man shared his poem in which he spoke on the topic of the divorce process. Showman did not hide the fact that it was difficult parting with a figure skater.

With the goddess Anis
Tete-a-tete, we have not seen
For five long months;
Today we’ll meet
Closer to the fateful night…
Our love is
From Hell to heaven ladder,
We built

12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


Nikita Dzhigurda constantly gives his beloved a number of positive qualities that delight him. In the opinion of men, Marina Anisina is a high degree of nobility. Agreeing to participate in the filming porn in a classic story of Ivan Barkov “Luke mudischev”, Nikita decided not to bring the athlete, gave him a second chance. Earlier celebrities agreed that if the chair will come before the court in divorce case, Anisina withdraw the statement.

“I’m happy with the fact and the ability to keep the family together, but knowing their creative, shocking (apart from the mass consciousness) plans have not allowed myself to use the nobility of adore me women, so as not to expose her! And I for nine years had burned its Holy to me – Marie abundantly!” – shared Dzhigurda after a divorce.
12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


Despite the fact that Nikita Dzhigurda was separated from his wife, he continues to call her “goddess” and talking about his feelings for her. All the time, while there was divorce, the showman continued to admit the skater in love.

“I can’t change Anisina those and she knows it…. People ask me: “What are you fed?” I answer honestly: “have You ever were spiritually kamasutris Olympic Champions in figure skating? I love women, adore, but when I met 10 years ago Anisina, I realized that I had met something else- looked at me with her green lanterns goddess Anise. I fueled out of the temple of the mother of the woman”, – said Nikita Dzhigurda during the press conference.
12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


Nikita Dzhigurda loves your lovely heirs – son of Mick-Angela-Krista and daughter Eva-Vlad. They live with his mother in Paris. Nikita genuinely misses the kids and enjoys every minute that he gets to spend with them. The artist repeatedly dedicated the poem to his children. So, in one of the publications of Nikita admires daughter.

Goddess Mucha –
The real Queen
One, Holy Russia…
Eva-Vlad. –
the power of the original,
Able a
The Cosmic Christ
On planet Earth
To resurrect!

12 неповторимых цитат Никиты Джигурды о любви: «богиня Анис» и «лестница из Ада»


In one of the poems Nikita Dzhigurda told about how love can save you from loneliness. Touching four men appeared in social networks:

We are all alone in your grief,
But for those who are knocking on the sky
There is always someone together
You will share the joy of bread.