12 друзей Киркорова: личные фото певца из Сочи

Pop king of Russian pop-music during the week spent at the “New wave”, gathered a collection of pictures with friends and colleagues.

Philip was happy to share personal footage with correspondents Woman’s Day and was even allowed to publish them on the website!

Last year a man was brought to the “New wave” in Sochi children and, of course, all the free time to devote to them. I remember that he even at the rehearsals, asked his colleagues to skip forward, because of Alla-Victoria and Martin was waiting for dad to come home.

This year, the artist sent his daughter and son with aunt Marie to Bulgaria, so I could concentrate on work. On the “New wave” that he performed almost every day. Free time left, he spent it with friends: once with her friend Ani had lunch, then to Anna Netrebko come around to the light, to Yana Rudkovskaya boutique look… And the funny thing is that at every meeting Philip did a group selfie!

In the end in his phone there are no pictures of the Sochi landscape, palm trees or sea. Only pictures with celebrities: with Lev Leshchenko, Igor Nikolaevym, Nikita Mikhalkov, Igor Krutoy, Ricky Martin. Like Philip forgot that he star…

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