11-month-old Princess Charlotte is infatuated with the growers

11-месячная принцесса Шарлотта вскружила голову цветоводам
Daughter Kate Middleton and Prince William was rewarded with personal accolades.

Prince George,Kate Middleton,Prince William and Princess Charlotte

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram)

Popular children Kate Middleton and Prince William have reached unimaginable heights. This time
the little Princess Charlotte managed to charm gardeners, and they decided
to give her an unusual gift.

Now in the world
there is chrysanthemum, named after 11-month-old daughter Katherine and William.
Unique beauty of pink and green flower was bred by breeders for annual competitions gardeners in Chelsea. Rare chrysanthemum “Princess Charlotte” can be purchased in the supermarket “Waitrose”. Part of the money
the proceeds from the sale of plants will go to the charity’s patron,
which is the very Duchess of Cambridge.

The names and images of children, Kate and William have become symbols of successful sales. When the first pictures of Princess Charlotte,
store shelves are inundated with souvenir paraphernalia with her portraits. Manufacturers released in honor of the baby and tea
sets, and caps and t-shirts, and collectible coins, and even small dolls, copying her appearance. Daughter Kate inspired
and fashion designers. The famous French brand has devoted the girl whole
collection of clothes, and Marc Jacobs himself recently released a new variety of lipstick,
named “Charlotte” in honor of the young Princess.

However, to be surprised with the hype around heirs of the future king of Albion.
After all, some time ago the magazine “Tatler” put Charlotte and George at the first position in
the list of the most popular personalities in the UK.

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