101-year-old Vladimir Zeldin became very sick

101-летний Владимир Зельдин сильно заболел

The actor, who in February celebrated 101 years, picked up an infection.

Actor Vladimir Zeldin, who celebrated last year the 100th anniversary, is a role model for anyone who wants to stay full of energy. The artist leads an active life, regularly published (for example, appeared on the recent award “Nika”) and plays in the Theatre of the Russian army.

But the other day there was a rumor that Vladimir Mikhailovich fell ill, and on 10 April, the play “dance Teacher”, in which he plays the main role, will not take place.

— It seems that Vladimir is sick, and maybe the show will be canceled – confirmed by Woman’s Day at the theatre. — The issue will be resolved in the near future.

However, as has told to journalists, friends of the artist, there is no cause for concern.

— Our “great” he’s just sick, like all normal people, – said a close friend of Vladimir Mikhailovich Oleg Dmitriev, writes the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — Some sort of infection type SARS. The doctors decided she needed to lie down. So everything is fine! We wish him a speedy recovery!

Recall that six months ago, Zeldin had serious health problems. He was injured, passing a medical examination, stumbled and fell awkwardly. I was diagnosed with a hip fracture, and the artist underwent surgery after which he was successfully rehabilitated. I hope that this time Mr. Jones will quickly return to the stage.

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