10 лет без Александра Абдулова: любимые женщины, позднее отцовство и трагическая смерть от рака “StarHit” recalls the main events in the life of the famous artist. January 3, 2008 Alexander Abdulov has died from cancer at age 54. For the nine months before the spouse of the man Julia gave him a daughter.
10 лет без Александра Абдулова: любимые женщины, позднее отцовство и трагическая смерть от рака

Alexander Abdulov was considered to be one of the most talented actors of his generation. He became famous at the age of 25 years after he played Bear in the film “Ordinary miracle”. A talented artist was good with comedic roles, and dramatic. But the best he managed on the screen romantic images.

Ten years ago life Abdulov cut off abruptly, which was a big surprise for his family and many fans. “StarHit” decided to recall the main events from the life of the famous actor.


The future idol of millions was born in a theatrical family. On stage, he came at the age of five, taking part in the play father. However, the career of actor Alexander Gavriilovich never sought. It’s much more attracted to sports and music.

Alexander Abdulov began to play on the stage of Lenkom after it drew the attention of mark Zakharov. In 1975 he invited the novice actor in the troupe, and subsequently the man appeared almost in each major theater.

However, the public became acquainted with the actor in 1978 after he played a major role in the tale “the Ordinary miracle”. Women in the audience literally went crazy for beautiful talented young man.

10 лет без Александра Абдулова: любимые женщины, позднее отцовство и трагическая смерть от рака

A year later he secured success roles in the films “Munchhausen” and “With favourite do not leave”. Abdulov worked with incredible energy. Already in 1982, he published “the Magicians”, and he soon starred as one of the potential suitors of Irina Muravyeva in the film “the Most charming and attractive”.

The man didn’t slow the momentum even in the 90-ies, when many of his colleagues began to leave the profession. The fans appreciated Abdulov for the ability to choose vivid, memorable roles. So, in 2001, he turned to crime boss Lavra in the series Next. The project was a great success and was extended for a further two seasons.

In a recent interview to channel one Abdulov pretty succinctly explained the reason for his creative activity.

“Life is short. You know, only God decides how long will be your life, but only you decide what will be its width. I have a lot of plans. Dream in February of 2008 to play in the new play by Mark Zakharov. He puts a very good show and the role I have is good, I hope,” said Abdulov a few weeks before death.
10 лет без Александра Абдулова: любимые женщины, позднее отцовство и трагическая смерть от рака

During his incredibly productive career, Alexander Gavriilovich played about a hundred roles in the movie. He actively played in the theater and has produced three of the Director’s work. Tape “Loser” was one of the last in the career Abdulov. Here he acted as Director and leading actor.


In the actor’s environment Alexander Abdulov was considered a ladies ‘ man. He had a lot of fans, which at the time was a man, he starts a passionate romance. However, his love Affairs, the artist preferred not to spread.

At the dawn of the career of Alexander Gavriilovich started Dating dancer Tatiana, Label. They also had an incredibly passionate relationship for several months. Soon, however, Abdulov fell in love with Irina Alferov.

Together they played in the film “With favourite do not leave”. On-screen passion quickly developed into a real and an obstacle for the stars was not even the fact that Alferov was already pregnant. Alexander and Irina were married, and later married. Born baby Xenia the man raised as his daughter.

10 лет без Александра Абдулова: любимые женщины, позднее отцовство и трагическая смерть от рака

Popular actors lived together for 14 years and throughout this period was considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the national cinema. However, in 1993 there was a divorce. According to rumors, and not confirmed, the marriage broke up because of numerous infidelities Abdulov. The man kept a great relationship with a foster daughter Xenia.

Romantic relationship was a star of the screen with the ballerina Galina Lobanova. However, true happiness Alexander Gavriilovich found in 2004, when he met his future wife Julia.

Their romance developed rapidly, and in 2006-m the lovers officially became husband and wife. When Abdulov was diagnosed, Julia was there. She supported spouse until the last minute, and after he left it took her years to accept it

In an interview with channel one Abdulov has repeatedly said that happy with choice.

“Now most want to live. To see how a child grows to be close with the woman, to see her mother healthy and happy”, – shared Alexander Gavriilovich.
10 лет без Александра Абдулова: любимые женщины, позднее отцовство и трагическая смерть от рака


Until 2007, the actor was not native children. That is why the birth of his daughter Eugenia became an incredible event for Abdulov. The girl was born on March 21, and for a long time the man refused to make any comment on this topic.

It seemed that his happiness will last forever. However, in August 2007, Alexander Gavriilovich had to conduct emergency surgery due to perforated ulcer. After surgical intervention has serious heart problems. In early September, Abdulov did, and was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The doctors came to the conclusion that the disease developed because of long term preferences of the artist to Smoking.

He refused to believe that he was doomed. Alexander Gavriilovich wanted to see how growing up the daughter wanted to play many more roles. That’s why he started intensive treatment. Later the man admitted that his illness has caused excessive attention from the public.

“What did not write. I was treated in Tibet, although it was not. I would like to visit Tibet, but not very active like Hiking. Also said that helps me some kind of shaman, which was not there. Then I started to publish lists of alleged used of my medications that I consider unacceptable. People will start to think that since Abdulov has helped, and will help me. But if the deaths? No, so do not be”, – categorically said the man.
10 лет без Александра Абдулова: любимые женщины, позднее отцовство и трагическая смерть от рака

The health of the actor is rapidly deteriorating, but he continued the treatment, often met with friends and spent all his free time with his beloved wife and daughter. 3 Jan 2008 the idol of millions did not. For his wife Julia death husband was a real blow. She is completely focused on caring for the daughter to escape from the heavy thoughts.

Now the successor of the actor for 11 years. Her mother occasionally publishes pictures of girls who invariably cause a storm of emotions among fans. In their opinion, Eugene is incredibly similar to his famous father, who died too early.

Recently became known that Alexander Abdulov can be a grown-up son. This was announced by friend of the actor Georgy Martirosyan. However, the widow of the artist Julia knows nothing about a possible heir.

“Georgy Martirosyan tells everyone about it, supposedly Sasha in his student years was born a child. I don’t mind, would show up at Sasha’s sons – great. My child loves brothers and sisters. Jack talking to everybody like they’re family. Daughter I have an open, kind, sociable. I, for one, is wonderful to communicate with her older daughter Sasha Ksenia Alferova. So if someone else Sasha will, well,” Julia said.

In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” widow Abdulov said that every year on 3 January she visits her husband’s grave at the Vagankovskoye cemetery with his friends. As a rule, then friends and family go to the restaurant remember the artist and the bright moments of his life.