10-летнюю российскую модель раскритиковали за фото в купальнике

Kristina Pimenova, known as “the most beautiful girl in the world”, has been criticized in social networks for a photo in a swimsuit, which was published by her mother.

10-year-old daughter of Russian football player Ruslan Pimenov and former model – shirokovoj, Kristina Pimenova started modeling three years. To her young age she starred on the cover of a children’s app of Vogue magazine and has received from the media title of “most beautiful girl in the world”. In her portfolio with hundreds of advertising contracts, and on instagram and 1.5 million subscribers.

Social network for Kristina leads her mother. Glicerio Shirokov has repeatedly accused that she posts pictures of her daughter look too grown up. The last published photo of the girl again caused a wave of negativity.

Photos published Kristina Pimenova (@kristinapimenova2005) Jul 4 2016 11:36 PDT

Photo of Kristina Pimenova is depicted in a swimsuit. Subscribers young models considered it too candid. Offensive comments mom Pimenova removes, not to hurt the child — a long time ago on the Facebook page Shirokov asked fans girls to publish on the pages of Christine’s only friendly to its daughter materials.

On accusations of ostentatious sexiness daughter glikeriya also already answered in an interview with Hello! in January 2015, “If a person is normal, he did not come to the idea that the photograph of the girl’s hand between her legs, is sexy. I’m just funny. The Internet also discussed the picture of Kristina in short shorts while playing badminton. They say it’s too much. People, are you? The child plays, he is dressed in baby clothes. When I was a kid, we ran in short tunics, hung them on the bar upside down. And no one thought it was racy!”.

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  1. Ugly bitches always complain about beautiful people. .. They need to mind their own damn business. In Europe nudity isn’t a problem so if some one is wearing a swim suit what is there to complain about?? Get over yourself and worry about all the people killed in abortion clinics instead if you want to be useful to humanity.

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