10 tips to create a harmonious and happy interior

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

Sometimes people often refer to the home environment from a purely utilitarian standpoint, underestimating the aesthetic impact of the interior on human rights. No wonder then that people feel at home a feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, with just a few simple techniques can radically change the interior of the home, turning your home into a place of joy and comfort. We asked the designer Svetlana Yurkova like to add to the interior life and make its owners very happy.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

1. Natural light

Night in the room should be dark, and in the afternoon light. Cloudy weather is depressing and the lighting is too bright and tiring. Therefore, the mode of lighting the house should be carefully considered. The number of parameters and the location of lighting should provide a comfortable level of illumination. Light curtains, loose window sills and mirrors against the Windows add natural light and the curtains and blinds will protect from excess street lighting at night.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

2. Organization of space

Limitation of personal space makes people feel uncomfortable. Competent organization of room space not only improves the functionality of the interior, but also provides a more comfortable living environment. Enough to rearrange the furniture or install light barriers, and the interior of the house will change dramatically.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

3. Vivid details

Drab interior with neutral colors and symmetrical lines depressing. But it is necessary to add in the environment a few custom parts, as she is immediately transformed. Colorful pillow on the couch, the bright picture on the wall, on a shelf or a vase of flowers on the table will add originality to the home, make it lively and interesting.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

4. Clean house

Everyone likes clean and tidy, but cleaning the house was never a pleasant experience. Fortunately, modern appliances allow you to minimize human involvement in routine housework. Robot vacuum cleaners, smart washing machine and a dishwasher will do the dirty homework for you.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

5. Magic words

The words that we hear spoken or read, affect us from within, shaping our behavior. Kind words make people better, but bad ruining his life. So you need to create a person with a positive attitude and, for example, place in prominent places in the house appropriate phrases and expressions. It is only important to choose the right words.

But the original, funny things make us smile, lifting us up and driving away sad thoughts. A special chair or Desk, Slippers and mouse or a fun Wake — all the little things that cause a person positive emotions may be useful.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

6. Connection times

Human house is not a temporary stay, and a part of his life, the place where the man and his family lived yesterday, live today and will live tomorrow. Therefore, for each it is important that the house reflects his life to lived with him that there are still people who are no longer. Some family photos, Souvenirs from travels, gifts from close relatives or the belongings of the ancestors, will fill the house with memory, warmth and comfort.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

7. A bit of nature

In an urbanized space man sorely lacking of wildlife. Unnatural environment causes stress and stress. Home interior should not exacerbate this already grave situation. On the contrary, the house should be a place of rest and tranquility, and fresh flowers make it simple and natural. Some indoor plants create in your home atmosphere of life, will add emotional warmth and care.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

8. Magic aromas

Like colors, smells have a great influence on mood and human emotions. The smell of lavender and sandalwood calm and aromas of citrus and peppermint invigorate and stimulate. With the help of the flavors, or, better, fresh flowers can lift the mood and create a comfortable home a positive atmosphere.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

9. The power of art

At all times people have sought to capture in images the beauty and grandeur of man and nature, then the works of art evoked a sense of beauty in people. Art plays a vital role in human life. Therefore some landscapes will add to your home interior harmony splayed outside the home will become Windows into the distant mysterious worlds.

10 советов для создания гармоничного и счастливого интерьера

10. Fun textile

No matter how good the interior of the apartment, but over time people get used to it, and then the interior can be changed. The easiest way to do this by replacing textiles. New curtains, cushions or bed linen will help refresh the exterior of the house, to give it originality and to cheer you up.

Bring all ideas, and let your interior will be truly happy!

Thank you for advice and illustration of an interior designer Svetlana Yurkova.

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