10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники Once they shone at parties and in glossy magazines, and now almost forgotten. “StarHit” decided to find out where did the most famous socialites of the past.

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Fashion is for all, including people. Today you are in the trend, and the next day all about you forgot. Alas, this happens with the representatives of the world of glamour – someone leave the scene voluntarily and some by force of circumstances. Our heroine was once loved by journalists and caressed secular chroniclers. Nothing in fact not taking, they shone and bore the title of “socialite”. But over time the balance changed, in their place came a new beauty – someone’s wife, daughter, mistress. “StarHit” decided to find out what is happening with popular celebrities of past decades.

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Oksana Robski (46)

    In the beginning the wife of the oligarch Oksana Robski broke into a social gathering as the author of a fashionable literary opus. She wrote that she was close and clear – about life on the ruble. Readers avidly swallowed the novels and knew that the rich also cry: there were the infidelity of husbands, and prohibited substances and steep showdown with the bandits, and of course, countless listing of brands. Career Robski is at the peak when she, along with Ksenia Sobchak has published the book “Zамуж a millionaire”. But then came the recession, after which the smiling brunette and disappeared from the gossip columns: stopped appearing at events, giving interviews and Robski all gradually forgotten. It turned out that she spends weekdays in the island of millionaires Saint-Barth: the local climate is the only thing that suits her youngest son. The writer has matured, socialite turned into a writer. To return to Moscow Oksana do not intend to.

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Maria Conte (38)

    This nymph once delighted the readers of glossy magazines with stories about what she has a husband, the count, gave a sonorous name, and presented himself as a poet. Maria Conte was a regular at fashion parties and patron of the arts, but the name of his patron preferred to keep secret. It ended suddenly: name Conte disappeared from the gossip columns. A little later, the beauty has appeared on television to tell, not a glossy story. Maria survived a serious illness, he successfully overcame cancer and completely changed her lifestyle. Now she runs her own blog, which publishes poems, which reflect her love for life, will and humor. In addition, the program is “Context” on TV channel TV-3, which talks about literature and art. Loud parties in the past, it is now often can be found in various photo exhibitions. Daughter TAISU.

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Shakhri Amirkhanova (36 years)

    The name of the granddaughter of the famous poet Rasul Gamzatov once thundered across the secular Moscow. The youngest editor of a glossy magazine was known mostly as the girlfriend of the grandson of President Yeltsin, Boris Yeltsin-younger. Together with Pauline Deepsky and Daria Zhukova they were the Trinity, without which it was impossible for any one party. But, moving away from manual edition of Harper’s Bazaar, Shahri removed from the hustle and bustle. Now she is a happy mom who manages to spend a lot of time with your child, not passing on fully the duties to nannies and grandmothers, and it does not turn into a mother hen. Daughter Alice is already in her third year. The girl’s father is the keyboard player of the band Pompeya Alexander Lipsky. It Shahri chosen companion in life ten years after breaking up with Boris. However, the couple have not yet legalized. The lovers actually live in two countries and often in new York than in Moscow. Shahri accompanies her husband on all his tours, and also runs a charitable Foundation and writes articles in the Tatler. Themes – happy motherhood and all that it involves.

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Uliana Tseytlina (47 years)

    Uliana Tseytlina once were a friendly couple with Ksenia Sobchak – with this woman prominent advantages of the St. Petersburg debutante began to emerge in Moscow light. Then was considered that if the event was visited by Ksenia and ula, it definitely succeeded. Xenia was present at the birth of the son Tsetlin became the godmother of the boy, and then suddenly, it was cooling. Whether the disappearance Tseytlina with “secular scandal of the century”, until now, no one certainly can not say. But from time to time gorgeous Juliana still appears in public to remind the modern socialite, that there is still powder in the flasks. For example, in Jurmala at the “New wave” saw her on the arm of a smartly-dressed owner of the company “Fedkominvest” Aleksey Fedorychev. Juliana is still good and still generously demonstrates a perfect shape. Young ladies have a lot to learn!

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Julia Milner (34)

    Once photos short-haired blonde appeared in the society pages with regularity. Outputs on numerous events sponsored Yulia’s husband, businessman Yuri Milner. Not to titulate just a socialite, she mastered the profession of photographer and delighting journalists with their ambitions. Fortunately, the Foundation of this dream was serious: her husband, Yuri, Internet investor, has managed to provide the spouse so that one did not need to think about the earth, and could only engage them and work. Helped and friendship with the Director of the Moscow House of photography Olga Sviblova. Thanks to her, Julia shines at festivals like “Fashion and style in photography” and MiamiArtBazel. For one project, the painting of the artist he praised him, saying succinct: “Cool!”. However, the picture is not bought. Now Julia still wants to have her work collected mass in the Tretyakov gallery, but in front of the cameras posing less, and the bold image have changed. Maybe in this case?

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Anastasia Kalmanovich (42)

    Blonde Anastasia Kalmanovich was once a successful producer and promoted Zemfira. In the beginning her photos often adorned next to an singer, but it took Kalmanovich as an independent small unit. However, after her divorce from oligarch Shabtaj the background of Kalmanovich and his death, against their will, from the heroine a gossip, she became the heroine of a scandal. Anastasia long, and unsuccessfully, fought for the daughter of Daniela attracted the attention of the press, went to the TV. Now the girl lives in Israel with his aunt on his father. And the life of Nastya could completely change the DJ Fedor Fomin. Marriage with him was born a son, Tikhon, and a family of absolutely happily and peacefully living in Jurmala. Anastasia without pity left light and about the past prefers not to remember.

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Ksenia Virganskaya-Gorbacheva (35 years old) and Anastasia Virganskaya (28 years)

    Heiress loud names, along with the already mentioned Boris Yeltsin-younger, once was the hope of secular journalism: what could be higher than the offspring of such renowned politicians? However, the girls behaved modestly, and if shone somewhere, rather then on the activities of the charity Fund of his grandfather. And yet the interest in their fate was great. As a result, the Xenia 12 years ago married a fellow student at MGIMO Kirill Malt, but the marriage did not last long. Second husband Gorbachev was a former concert Director Avraam Russo Dmitry Barchenkov. The most notable post Gorbachev was the chief editor of the Russian version of L’officiel magazine, but not so long ago it was replaced by Ksenia Sobchak. Her sister got married five years ago, for the PR of a large company Dmitry Zangiyev, the student, by the way, at the time.

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Eva lanska (35)

    Invented a sonorous pseudonym, Eva lanska tried to become famous as a writer, but few have succeeded. Journalists instantly unearthed that the publication and promotion of literary talents are made to the income of the spouse, the son of former Deputy Prime Minister Khristenko. Was memorable birthdays and parties that Eva arranged in luxurious surroundings and invited stars. Flash ended suddenly: in the course of a divorce, the husband-the oligarch demanded his 7 million rubles, which were spent to repair the mother-in-law cottage. Eve was so shocked by the meanness that immediately wrote a book with the telling title “a Cruel world of men”. In addition, she has published numerous short stories, and generally tries to be the center of events, publishing of various gossip columns. But that’s not all, what does Khristenko: she still has a daughter, is a “Union of social protection of children” and the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. But to see a photo of her in glossy magazines can now be much rarer.

    10 светских львиц, которые навсегда пропали из хроники

    Polina Deripaska (35)

    Regulars Metropolitan clubs no-no and remember how much fun walking Polina with her Shahri Amirhanova and Daria Zhukova. Since then, the girls managed to steady down: got married, had children. Pauline also has a successful publishing business. Now, out in the world for her job, and this responsibility Deripaska tries not to abuse, visiting only the most important ceremonies and major events. Interview gives a rare, agrees to a photo shoot – even rarer. Dressed modestly, in social networks active. Hurry home every night to the children – Petya and Marusya. Although just recently, at the premiere of “Dior and I”, she was seen in the company of socialite – Svetlana Bondarchuk, Valeria Rodnyansky and others. Prior to that, bright appearance in public was her participation in the “March of millions” – Pauline was carrying a white flower as a sign of solidarity with the opposition.


    Leyla Aliyeva (29 years)

    The daughter of the President of Azerbaijan once posed in bandage dresses Herve Leger, generously showing off perfect figure and no less than perfect genetics, because her mother looks more like a big sister girl. Now about the bold outputs had forgotten. Leila threw herself into art, and to open a restaurant or karaoke bar not fetch any invitations. Also Aliyev Junior is singing about love, her songs spread on the Internet. She leaves editorial post at the magazine “Baku”. But the party appears less, surrendering to motherhood.


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