10 антикризисных идей подарка на 8 марта: как порадовать любимых

The first days of spring not only pleased with the warmth, sunlight and elevated mood, but also waiting for spring holidays and gifts. In spring all comes alive again: nature, the sun and, of course, we. We are awakened from hibernation and want of love, light, joy and warmth. One of the most tender spring holiday — the 8th of March, international Women’s Day. Men congratulate their wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, work colleagues and even passers-by. On this day I want to make a nice and unusual gift to his wife. In shops and kiosks vying offer huge bouquets of flowers, big Teddy bears and candy. The perfumes and cosmetics offer to buy your favorite perfume.

10 антикризисных идей подарка на 8 марта: как порадовать любимых
Photographer Elena Ivanova

What to do if you’re strapped for cash, and to please your favorite really want? Or maybe you want to give unique and unusual gift that she will remember for a long time?

In this article I will offer 10 budget options of how to please his beloved wife or girlfriend in this wonderful spring holiday.

1. A certificate with your own hands

Arrange your wife or girlfriend a romantic evening and gift certificate for a massage. You can please your favorite going to the salon for a relaxing massage from a specialist. But you yourself can play the role of a masseur. Certificate you can draw or print yourself, to sign requests and ingestion from hands. Such a gift would be very unusual and touching, especially if romance in a relationship has become less than before. No doubt this gift will be appreciated!

10 антикризисных идей подарка на 8 марта: как порадовать любимых

10 антикризисных идей подарка на 8 марта: как порадовать любимых

2. Gift with attention to detail

If now there is no opportunity to give his great gift — give a lot of small. Put all the love and care everyone, remember that she loves and enjoys what. Believe me, it is very appreciated. Choose from the warmth and love a lot of pleasant and useful things: scented candle, gel cleanser, favorite hand cream, a beautiful mug, a lot of different candies, dear diary, colored gel pens, Indian incense, etc. This set is small but pleasant things, no doubt, will delight your mate. She will appreciate how much care you put into each gift.

3. A star from the sky

Invite your favorite evening stroll around the city. Usually, girls love to walk under the handle, to admire the night city and talk about the unseen. Route the route along the most beautiful streets and parks of the city, show them how to better observe the stars or where opens the most beautiful panorama of the city. Or maybe you take your wife to the place where you walked in the early days of Dating. Buy her cotton candy or a candy bar.

But if you during the walk will go to the flower shop and come out with a small bouquet of unusual lilies or purple with a gorgeous white rose, your significant other will be very happy. It will continue the rest of the walk with flowers and a satisfied smile.

10 антикризисных идей подарка на 8 марта: как порадовать любимых

4. Art

Discover which will be held concerts, exhibitions, performances or rehearsals in your city. Buy a ticket to the Musical Comedy theatre, Opera and Ballet theatre or the drama theatre. Can buy a ticket to the Philharmonic for a performance of the orchestra, the concert is interesting, but beginner groups, to the speech of the poet or the play-the play of one actor. Consider options for tickets to movie premieres, museums.

Often there are budget tickets for dress rehearsals of major productions, to performances in the morning. In some small theatres during rehearsals and sometimes even free entry and the fun and excitement you can get a car and small truck.

10 антикризисных идей подарка на 8 марта: как порадовать любимых

5. Sports weekend

You can give his special gift — a one-time visit to a sports centre or club with swimming pool access and sauna. It is a pleasure less than the classical bouquet of 7 roses, and pleasure your significant other will get a lot more. On the site Biglion Kupongid and you can find some great deals on passes for the month or even six months in the gym, pool or yoga.

6. Sweets

It’s no secret that all the girls got a sweet tooth. Surprise your favorite unusual sweets — prepare yourself a delicious cake or candy from natural products or order your sweets in the cafe. A big cake with fresh fruits will undoubtedly cause a storm of delight and emotions. You can also order a box of assorted handmade chocolates.

10 антикризисных идей подарка на 8 марта: как порадовать любимых

7. Memories

Girls are very sentimental and emotional, and they love to remember old times and nostalgia. Give a beautiful photo album in a retro style where you have pasted the photo and signed under them dates and memorable moments.

Remember, before these albums were our moms and dads, there is glued in the photo, and below were made of the signature. In addition, original and stylish gift would be your favorite photo in a beautiful white frame with lush white rose.

10 антикризисных идей подарка на 8 марта: как порадовать любимых

But if you make a movie with slides and music and will show it tonight with the help of a projector on the wall, your beloved will be delighted. Believe me, this is string up and look for that projector.

8. The photo session

Photographed for women is a great joy can not be said about men. If you look for a budget photographer, you can give impressions and great pictures in the Park for you and your beloved. And after the photo session you can run off to a cozy coffee shop for a warming tea with Apple and cinnamon or creamy cocoa.

Photographer Elena Ivanova

9. Something unusual

Give your beloved a certificate for a trial lesson, which she had never done before. Suddenly, her love, and she will discover a new talent? No doubt, the new activity brings a lot of impressions and positive emotions.

For example, you can give a certificate for a lesson in ballroom dancing, playing the drums, painting with oil paints, climbing, courses of cutting and sewing, etc.

10. Inspiration and creativity

An interesting gift would be a book about femininity, womanhood, family relationships. For example, John gray’s “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, Olga Valyaeva “the Purpose is to be a woman”, “the Art of being a wife and a Muse”, Ruslan Narushevich “12 aspects of family relations,” Vyacheslav Ruzau “Women’s happiness”.

A lot of pleasant experiences bring coloring antistress on various subjects (the magic of the mandala, Princess, fairy forest, marine life, etc.) together with a set of markers, colored pencils or gel pens.

Let the holiday will be warm and wonderful, and your gifts warm the soul and cause a lot of smiles!

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