You’re a mother: the star, which is blamed for the sexuality

Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность “StarHit” gathered celebrities, absolutely devoid of complexes. Becoming wives, and then parents, the heroine of this collection chose to retain the image of a seductive divas. These lovely ladies often organize provocations in their microblogs, posting candid photos and videos.

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      They raise their children, being nurturing mothers, but do not forget that they are still incredibly beautiful women and want to know about all their fans. In our collection – TV presenters, Actresses and singers who are not shy to demonstrate the merits of your body, by publishing pictures of erotic content. For daring and courage often gets from haters, whose charges are often reduced to the phrase “you’re a mother!” However, these beauties have learned not to respond to malicious attacks in the address and continue to be naughty and to anneal to the public.

      Victoria Dayneko

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      A few months after marriage, the singer Cheryl Cole admitted that the new status has transformed it from bold and bright girls in a more restrained lady. “Maybe I am married, I became less likely to paint her lips with red lipstick and not so often wear immodest clothes, then commented on your photo in Instagram in a chic floor-length dress Vic. But the red dresses I do not change”.

      However, had the star for a while. Becoming a mom of a beautiful girl and fantastically quickly returned in great form, Dayneko began to show it to subscribers of his microblog at every opportunity. Numerous photos from vacation in Montenegro, where last summer a lot of Victoria posing in bikini, brought joy to her fans. And not so long ago a young mother was so liberating that published a picture from the photo shoot in the style of BDSM. In the frame praise and lies upside down. She is dressed in black lingerie and fishnets, in the teeth of a fatal seductress, holding a whip. Seeing this photo, subscribers microblog Wiki literally attacked her with accusations of depravity.

      “Strange to see a young mother in this way… As my husband refers to this photo in the public domain?”, “Young beautiful mother… Why? It is so far away from creativity and art. It is a pity,” said the Network users. The singer prefers to write negative statements in the address without comment. Moreover, that among her fans there are always those who can dot the i. “Guys, married and mother does not mean dead! – stood up for the singer, one of podeschi. – Well, one of you can lay out after a time, after marriage and children is so chic, erotic picture? What? No one? Then it is better to shut up on the topic of morality, marriage and motherhood. Vika, as always!”

      Maria Pogrebnyak

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      Looking at the beautiful wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak Maria, it’s hard to believe that this slender blond diva mother of three children. Giving birth to the boys every two years, the eldest son of Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak, Artem nine years, middle-Paul, seven, Junior Alex five years – mother of many children at the age of 28 has such a chiseled figure, which many have not yet had time to get the children girls can only dream of. But because seductive beautiful blonde has every right to be outspoken and daring. “Instagram” Maria Pogrebnyak is a true exhibition of photos with gorgeous, expensive women in beautiful bodycon dresses with plunging necklines, mini skirts, tops and other outfits that emphasize sexuality mothers of large families.

      Mother Maria Pogrebnyak flashed his chest

      Maria often posts naughty pictures on which the details you can study every curve of her lovely body. Not long ago beauty has excited fans photo, which showed her beautiful Breasts, casually exposing her. While vacationing in October in Dubai, while it delighted some and angered others photos in a bikini, which looks very relaxed and candid. Hot in all senses of the footage fans of Mary showered with compliments and negative comments Pogrebnyak prefer to remove, they appear under her pictures.

      Anna Grachevskaya

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      TV presenter Anna Grachevskaya in early summer, the second time got married. Lover of the beautiful brunette was a basketball player Artem Kuzyakin. And if in the first marriage with the founder newsreel “jumble” Boris Grachevsky Anna for the audience was quite reserved, as befits the second half of the master and the mother of a little girl, but now, apparently, she decides how she behave. Teledive young husband allows her a lot, and tens of thousands of subscribers microblog Grachevskoe witness her outspoken antics in the background of photos in a bikini seem to be quite innocent.

      Not so long ago Anna posted a picture in sexy lingerie, decorated with lace, for everyone to see. The top of the kit emphasizes the benefit breast Grachevskoe. On the photos can be viewed one of the many tattoos Anna: thigh of the left leg is decorated with a pattern of stars in different colors. “Awakened by the sun and sheltered thin lace I breathe it, take her away half asleep, captured without a weapon” – signed post with lines from a song Valeriy Meladze temptress. Surprisingly, the fans of Anna Grachevskii to be extremely tolerant people. They do not allow themselves to condemn her for such shots, but only admire the courage and beauty of a young woman.

      Daria Pynzar

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      One of the most striking ex-participants of the project “House-2” Daria Pynzar now a good wife and mother of two boys. However the blonde knows that she is also an incredibly beautiful woman, but because in the microblogging often publish photos showing her blatant sexuality. Become the most discussed pictures of Daria, which one can perfectly see the gorgeous bust of a young mother. However, Pynzar more often criticize than make her compliments. Detractors consider it their duty to teach the young mother’s life, often giving her advice on how to behave, goes to Daria for demeanor and dress. Last summer, the beauty had to endure a barrage of negativity. Pynzar, the second son which had not yet turned three months, showed a figure in a swimsuit. Followers of Darya immediately found that he was too vulgar and more like lingerie than a costume for beach access.

      Daria Pynzar reconciled with her mother in law after a long quarrel

      “Swimsuit nightmare”, “a woman of easy virtue”, “dash, you have a swimsuit-like lingerie porn, 18+”, – threw the young mother negative comments of its members.

      However, the opinion of the haters of little interest to this truly happy young woman. She continues to work on myself and my body. And regularly annealed in the microblog, showing off the gorgeous figure the envy of ill-wishers.


      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      The singer, mother of two daughters and a faithful wife Natalia Ionova, better known under the pseudonym Gluk’oza, is famous for his love of daring outfits. The star has something to show. Despite two pregnancies and childbirth, she managed to keep the figure in perfect condition and not deny myself the pleasure of showing it to the public. Perhaps, Natalia often allows himself to shock the audience with explicit images. In her microblogging “naked” pictures appear regularly, and each time evoke a storm of emotions from fans of the stars. Many are wondering how the singer to do so allows her husband, a serious man, far from the world of show business.

      “I have the feeling that seized upon. Before such was not the fact. I think the family and the opinion of her husband is more important! Natasha, everyone already knows what you have a great figure, calm down” “How the husband allows this beauty to show!”, “It has always been. Someone beauty is annoying, but other delights… Irritates those whom it is not given. This girl she is, and have the opportunity to show it” – discussed shocking photo Gluk’oza in the “naked” dress, a La Irina Shayk her fans.

      Meanwhile, the husband of Natalia Alexander absolutely not against such a choice of outfits. In a recent interview Glyuk’oza told me that one of the dresses with open neckline bought her husband. The singer fully trust the taste Chistyakov. Alexander, in turn, usually accompanies frankly clad wife in the evenings, to protect her from unwanted male attention.


      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      The daughter of the ex-soloist of the group Hi-Fi Thani Tereshinoy ARIS in December it will be three years. But neither motherhood nor the years, and Tereshinoy for 37 years, was unable to turn the singer into a kind of lady with strict rules. She’s still brash and unpredictable, loves to change and arrange provocations. Subscribers to its microblog watching Tereshina posing without underwear, one coat, draped over his naked body. One reason for heated debates in the Network is the emergence of Taani Tereshinoy at a party in a skirt with a print of a Thong.

      Several times beauty shocked the public by publishing photos of Topless. Fans do not always come to the delight of what he saw, and Tereshinoy often goes for her love of provocation. But it seems that Tanya loves to be a stimulus too for their correct followers, and because negative comments only provoke her. And more recently she appears on the hot photo of not one, but together with her new lover Vadim Buharov who is younger than her thirteen years. Happy lovers shot half-naked, showing all the intimate moments together. It seems that the young man is not without a sense of humor, and like Tereshina, inclined to shock the audience.

      Alena Vodonaeva

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      The former participant “Houses-2” Alena Vodonaeva, on the one hand, positions itself as a strict mother six-year-old Bogdan. While advocating harsh discipline and very busy son, Alain likes to say that “the bread it rests on the pension”. On the other hand,the 34-year-old Vodonaeva appears liberated woman who loves to show their beautiful body. Alena has never hesitated to put quite candid shots for all to see. To make erotic surprises for fans – one of my favorite things Vodonaevoy. Spicy photos, which the media personality appears in seductive outfits and sometimes without them, always cause a storm of debate. Not all enthusiastically accept the excessive sexuality of the former contestants of the reality show. In comments that leave the followers of Alena, enthusiastic feedback about her figure and beauty are interspersed with criticism of behavior and manners.

      Alain Vodonaeva: “fear I cried and yelled at the groom”

      By the way, the chosen star, about parting with which Alain Vodonaeva announced not so long ago, had nothing against her candid shots in the microblog. But if she allowed herself too daring outfits at social gatherings, staged scandal.

      Kate Susan

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      Leading “House-2” Kate Susan – wife and mother, but this does not prevent the beautiful brunette, rightly believing that she has a perfect figure and generally attractive appearance, demonstrate your very candid photos, in bikini, in lingerie and even Topless. Telediva a lot of time to care for themselves. The young woman regularly attends the beauty and is not shy to say that she asked for help to plastic surgeons.

      Kate Susan is incredibly popular among users of the Network, including due to the fact that is very active in his “Instagram”, where bold and filled with blatant eroticism images dominate over the other. For that she periodically gets from the haters. However, Katia attention to criticism does not pay. On the contrary, one gets the impression that she quite likes it. Kate is even more relaxed and provocative. Last summer, for example, it has pleased subscribers a selection of erotic pictures taken during a holiday with husband Oleg Vinnik in the Dominican Republic. But one of the photo teledive aroused her fans with special emotions. In the picture Susan is captured in bikini ultra pink. The star photographer turned his back, so that everyone could see that Kate is good and effective, it does not say. The smooth curves of the back, narrow waist, inflated buttocks. The perfection of forms presenter has delighted followers of her microblog.

      It is obvious that the choice of Jury has nothing against his wife shared with fans pictures of similar content. Most likely, he does these gorgeous pictures, which the media personality published in the microblog.


      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova can safely be called the Queen of erotic experiences on the Internet. Perhaps, as many pictures explicit content does not publish any other celebrity. 40-year-old Anastasia, it seems, caught the spirit, and nothing can stop her.

      Anyone who follows the life of a star in Instagram, know about the mind: as soon as the dancer goes to rest on your favorite Maldives, need to wait for her bold images. On the Islands liberating Volochkova so much that are willing to pose, even in its original form that it often does. Last summer, Anastasia was vacationing in Greece, where, too, did not fail to make a photo and video shoot in the Nude. Watched subscribers microblog Volochkova and pictures taken on the lawn in front of her mansion – the ballerina was sunbathing Topless in my backyard.

      Bold images evoke a mixed reaction from subscribers blonde. Opinions are voiced very different. Someone compliments the beauty and grace of a ballerina, which already need to make an effort to look impressive at your age. And someone blames Cindy, indicating that she is still a mother and should care about their reputation for the sake of the younger daughter Ariadne.

      But the latter seems worried for nothing. Anastasia never forgets that it is primarily the mother. Her heiress grows surrounded with attention and care. The star of the ballet with her daughter Ariadna, a very warm and trusting relationship, they have a lot secretive, and they have no secrets from each other.

      Victoria Bonia

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      The former participant “Houses-2” and now a TV presenter and model Victoria Bonya recently carefully creates a reputation of a loving mother and a caring wife – TV presenter and her husband, billionaire Alex smerfit educate four-year daughter of angelina Leticia. However, Bonya loves to remind her followers that she is also very sexually attractive and sensual lady.

      Candid photos Victoria Boni has shocked her fans

      In her Instagram pictures often frankly erotic content. Victoria often posing in a sexy lingerie, short dresses, tight to her figure and revealing long legs. Bonya loves, and photo shoots in bikini. Often these images make a lasting impression on followers of Victoria. By the way, not so long ago the star was literally shock the audience with nudity, by posting, however, not the photo. But fans felt that this fact does not change, and openav Beaune to the fact that such imagery is too much, and asked media personality no longer publish these.

      “Well, why stoop so low?”, “I do not support nudity. Unpleasant for Victoria, I like it so much, and here is a photo. Meanness, to be honest. And let me be a man from the stone age, but to maintain the dignity necessary”, “I’m not a prude, but I don’t understand, is it really necessary to put everything on display?”, – wondered part of podeschi teledive. However, the Soot leaves such comments without response, continuing to share with all the beauty of his naked body.


      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Elina Kamiren one daughter, Sasha, soon to be two years, but it never ceases to amaze fans with his candid shots. Striking blonde is working as a model, so her blog is updated frequently with bright and sexy photos from the shoot that are strong irritants to the detractors, Elina. Kamiren did not hesitate to pose in lingerie, often posts selfies in public outfits. And recently, the network got intimate video Elina Kamiren that she was making a phone for yourself.

      Elina Kamiren requires “House-2” one and a half million for a private video

      Young mother often criticized for her love of “nudity”. “A bit more and get naked completely”, “they all Have a habit after “House-2″ start to undress in public. No complexes”, – this phrase occur under the photos in the microblog Kamiren quite often. However, Elina herself for such a reaction is not surprised. She believes that all that exposes to the public, is within the permitted limits. And besides, her figure deserves to show. Elina Kamiren does not hide that wants to participate in a photo shoot for the famous men’s magazine.

      Anna Sedokova

      Ты же мать: звезды, которых осуждают за сексуальность

      Singer Anna Sedokova once the speakers in the Central part of the women’s group “VIA Gra”, after leaving the team continues to maintain the reputation of a sexual diva. Star often indulges followers of his microblog spicy images. Erotic poses, Lacy lingerie, tight dresses with a deep neckline and cut out back, bright bikini, the best angles to accentuate her feminine shape – thanks to this Arsenal, the beautiful brunette skillfully maintain interest in himself and his “Instagram”, where often in a hurry to speak not only fans, but also detractors of Anna Sedokova.

      Blog readers, ex-“VIA gra” on Instagram accusing the singer of promiscuity, pointing out to her that the mother of two daughters should not be behaving this way and even more to put candid photos online – one never knows, will see the children.

      The main claim to myself “Why are you acting like you’re mother?” Anna replies that her daughter is eleven-year-old Alina and five year old Monica do not have access to social networks, and so candid shots will not see. At the same time, mother for his children Anna is beautiful and tries to give them maximum attention and loves both girls.

      Olga Romanovskaya

      The former host of the show “Revizorro” and the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanovskaya is not shy to show her magnificent body in candid photos that can see around 55 thousand people who read her blog. Shots in sexy dresses, sexy gowns, bikini and jointly with the husband full of sensuality frames are dazzling fans Olga. According to some followers Instagram of the singer too many candid photos for a mother of two children.

      As you know, the star and her husband are raising a son together and a baby Romanowski from his first marriage. Other follieri often make Olga compliments, however, wondering how her pious allowed to put naughty photos. But according to her, her husband supports her in all endeavors. She admitted that her husband has nothing against Frank of outfits and pictures in their underwear. What’s more, Andrew himself pictures of Olga in sexy poses, and then helps choose the right shots to publish to Instagram.