Whoever kisses the chest of Ani Lorak showman was fired after the incident

Поцеловавшего грудь Ани Лорак шоумена уволили после инцидента Dmitry Thorin paid work because of love to the idol. The man ran onto the carpet to greet Ani Lorak in an original way. However, this trick is not like the leadership of the publication in which the journalist worked.
Поцеловавшего грудь Ани Лорак шоумена уволили после инцидента

Actor Dmitry Thorin made a splash at the ceremony of annual Award “MUZ-TV” ninth of June. During the procession of the artists on the red carpet a man rushed to Ani Lorak and kissed her buttocks, chest and abdomen. The singer’s husband tried to fight off the fan, giving Dmitry a kick…

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“I had not planned this action, – says 29-year-old Thorin “StarHit”. But when he got so close, I could not resist, though, and thought that the protection after that I’ll throw. As they say, eyes are afraid, but the lips do!”
Поцеловавшего грудь Ани Лорак шоумена уволили после инцидента

The man admitted that he admires the talent of the famous actress and enjoy watching her work. “From the 90s I love Carolina, I try to not miss one concert. Consider her the brightest star of Russian and Ukrainian show business. She’s perfect! And now I can say: ass Carolina no worse than Kim Kardashian”, – confidently said Thorin.

However, this expression of love is not like wife Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian – he was troubled by the daring act of a fan that broke on the track before the ceremony.

“I’m sorry I scared idol: Ani was confused by the daring antics… Maybe I set her on the cheek would be kissed, but not reach, there were the husband of my Queen. Murat was right knock. And well, the protection I was removed from the track, and it would have to fight,” said the man.

This trick was worth Thorin works – at the Award “Muz-TV” he came in as a journalist. Management edition perceived act of hostility, and deprived of his place.

“The ceremony was at work – worked a secular reporter one of the media. However, after what the editor said I was fired. Some friends are also not happy with a couple of friends even deleted my phone number. But I still live how I want”, – said Dmitry.