What you need to know about the proper replacement of Windows?

Что нужно знать о правильной замене окон?

It is not strange, but half of the success in the replacement of new Windows in Your home is proper installation. We will tell You several important aspects that you should pay attention to, when You decide replace your old Windows with new ones.

Что нужно знать о правильной замене окон?

First of all, even if You decide to calculate the cost of the Windows with multiple air chambers, ultrastable and other additions, the result may be poor due to defective installation of the product.

In the first place, even if You propose to use the calculator of Windows size on the website, remember that there is always the margin of error, and without accurate metering under the openings You will not get the desired result.

It is important not to rely on their knowledge and advice, and to turn to professionals, because a wrong calculation and as a result the wrong parameters for the production of Windows complicates your life, and hurt the pocket.

Choosing the services of the company “Grand Empire”, You are guaranteed to receive a quality profile (as many large firms, we do not work with cheap low-quality profiles of Chinese or Turkish origin, as it is simply unprofitable).

It is also important to understand that the so-called “ready window”, which often tempt is made without taking into account all characteristics of houses and their characteristics, so saving here on time and money in the end, you may not get the expected result.


In the primary treatment, the measurer must examine Your window opening and to advise You what options you can use (usually several, from budget options to more expensive) and also tell how to prepare the apartment for installation.

Что нужно знать о правильной замене окон?


Even if You are guaranteed that everything will be clean and tidy, remember that the window thing is quite dirty (dusty mainly because you have to break out the old frame and drilling the wall). To protect your belongings better as free space, and the fact that no one can bear — cover with protective film.

Control measurement before installation

Before you dismantle the old window, be sure the installer measures the Windows on the sizes of your openings and checked with the previously performed calculations. To do this it is necessary that in case of an error you are not left with open gates.

Processing of the window opening

Window opening after dismantling should be left clean: all spalls and potholes in the wall must be sealed, otherwise the joints are then air will enter, and Windows will blow. Before installing window opening is treated with special primer or moistened with water for better grip.

Proper installation of the frame into the opening

Frame the new window is mounted on anchor plates or bolts, it depends on the technical characteristics of Your opening. The installation must be controlled in three dimensions — they should not exceed 1.5 mm per 1 meter length.

Filling seam

Simple at first glance, the work must be performed very carefully — the foam that got on the elements of design when carelessly applied very difficult to remove and leaves stains, but if the seam is bad zapenennye, over time, Windows begin to “to whistle” and begin a draft.

Installation of shutters double glazing

Window frame is secured with wedges. Drilling holes for fasteners should be very careful not to damage the profile. When tightening the fasteners important to make sure that they do not create the stresses in the structure and did not change its geometry.

Sealing internal seams

Sealing of joints is done on the perimeter of the window with liquid plastic.

Adjustment of accessories

The correct adjustment of accessories guarantees You that in six months Your Windows will not start to SAG when opening and will also fit snugly. The adjustment shall be swing-out mechanism and hinges, master with hexagon securely handle all the details and show how to translate the window in the “winter” and “summer mode”

Cleaning after installation and acceptance of work

Everything is ready, the Windows are, but left the trash and old frame. The installers will make a major trash and old items from the apartment, but it is better in order to make the removal of the garbage, as the standard contract always spelled out the trash only to the stairwell.

Before signing the act of acceptance, make sure that the Windows and sills (if you have them installed) are free of dirt, protective film, which they originally covered removed, the glass needs to be clean, so You can check them for defects, the handle should be easy to open and close.

Be careful and order the installation of only trusted specialists, giving a guarantee for their services. Let the new window serve You for a long time and delight You