Vladimir Presnyakov recessed gold phone in the toilet because of the failure of the national team on “Euro-2016”

Владимир Пресняков утопил золотой телефон в унитазе из-за провала сборной на «Евро-2016″

Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior and Mikhail Boyarsky is an avid football fan, because of the failure of Russian national team on “Euro-2016” greatly upset him and disappointed. Presnyakov indignation about such failure was not the limit, the man literally could not control his actions and to cope with them. The yield of accumulated negativity occurred via mobile phone, which is now “dead”.

As it became known, after watching the last match of the Russian team at the championship, which she lost to the Welsh, a musician in the hearts sent to the toilet its gold phone worth more than half a million rubles.

In the heat of anger Vladimir then thought is not only without modern gadget, but without all of the stored information.

And how you reacted to the failure of the national team for Euro 2016?