Vic Romanets escaped from the “House-2” to the new man

Виктория Романец сбежала из «Дома-2» к новому мужчине The star of the reality show decided that none of the participants of the project may not be its match. Vic Romanets has long tried to build a relationship with Andrei Cherkasov. However, after constant quarrels, the young people decided to leave.

      Виктория Романец сбежала из «Дома-2» к новому мужчине

      One of the brightest participants of the reality show Vic Romanets all of a sudden the fans have decided to leave the project. For a long time the girl tried to build a relationship with Andrei Cherkasov, but after constant misunderstandings last year they broke up. However, fans hoped that young people will still be able to reconcile. However, this did not happen, and today is Victoria and announced that he was leaving the project. But she left, and announced that he had found the man of her dreams outside the “House-2”.

      “Yes my loves, today I really left the project. For me it was never a “show”, that was my real life. I loved, experienced and received so much pleasure from this place. It really is filled with love, warmth and tenderness. I clearly understand that the perimeter is not and will not men who have pure, kind heart, which will have a strong character who smells of success and pheromones. Behind which I will be as behind a stone wall. But, outside the perimeter it is. Alexander Lipovoy, in fact, is the reason for my departure,” wrote Victoria in the microblog.

      For all fans of the girls it was a surprise decision. They regretted not be able to continue to observe the life Romanets. But at the same time, wished him happiness in his personal life with a new lover.

      “The first time I feel sorry that someone left the “House-2″, very sorry. Happiness to you, girl”, “good Luck, happiness and love, you deserve it, it was nice watching you. A fool then, if I lost you”, “Rimma, Oh no. We’ll miss you very much, don’t forget to delight us with their photos! I wish you happiness. You deserve the best, may he make you happy. Love, love, love. The best “House-2” – supported subscribers Victoria.

      But not so long ago Victoria was still trying to regain the love of Andrei Cherkasov. She tried by all means to attract the attention of a former lover. But all her attempts ended in failure, because Andrew himself was not eager to reunite with Romanets.

      Andrei Cherkasov does not regret the breakup with Victoria romanet

      “Some believe that if I don’t agree with Victoria romanet, grow old on a rocking chair, and Monica just to brighten my loneliness. Yesterday, she had all my stuff in our green room. Today I bring them back. Thank you to all those who want the reunification of our couple, I’m sure it is from Your kind heart. Sorry, can justify Your hopes,” wrote Andrew.