Vera Brezhneva getting wet in the rain Topless

Вера Брежнева мокнет под дождем топлес The singer teases fans with racy photos. Vera Brezhnev resting on the shores of the Indian ocean, on the island of Goa, where the monsoon season. The water element star enjoy without the top part of a bikini.

      Вера Брежнева мокнет под дождем топлес

      Holidays Vera Brezhneva continue. From Sunny Italy, where the star vacationed with the family and boyfriend of the eldest daughter, the singer moved to rainy India. A new point on the map of the journeys of the artist – the island of Goa, known for its rich nature and vivid nightlife.

      Resorts of this blessed land now are no crowds of tourists, because of Goa, is the rainy season. Maybe for the sake of the privacy of Faith and chose a place where she’s probably enjoying the silence together with her husband Konstantin Meladze. Brezhnev does not confuse the element of water. On the contrary, having rejected all complexes and prejudices, the singer indulged in meditation right under the pouring rain by the pool of the Villa, on which it rests.

      “Rain washes away all traces of and sit with me and you” – wrote the star for racy photos, which she published on his page in Instagram. In the picture Vera was sitting with his back to the camera, but you can see that she is missing the upper part of the bikini. Not a soul around, thanks to the rain that other tourists would not want to get left at home.

      15-year-old daughter Vera Brezhneva enjoys vacation with boyfriend

      By the way, the eldest heir to the stars already lead an independent life. 15-year-old daughter Brezhneva Sonia Kiperman shares in his microblog subscribers photos, promotional shots and scenes from travels. So, last month, girl had a rest in the town of Forte dei Marmi, which is located in the Italian region of Tuscany. Kiperman flew to the Mediterranean coast in the company of your family and also your young person. “All are satisfied”, – so answered the Dormouse to the question users about how the family took her lover.

      By his own admission, the girl gets along well with my mother because she supports her in everything and understand. “Now my mother became for me truly a real friend and mom that I always dreamed of. For me mother is everything. I love her, and she is the best!” – comments on Brezhneva her daughter.